The Ultimate List of Unbounce Tips, Scripts & Hacks


Moar knowledge!

Added How to Dynamically Swap an Embedded Video with URL Parameters (08/08/2016)


Wow, a great List… Justin

Will experiment with the given scripts.

Thanks to you Justin and all the contributors …


Added How to Add Tooltips and Rollover Images


Added Dynamic Form Confirmation Using Browser Redirects



Added How to Add a Sticky Video Widget.



Added How-to Add Google Address Autocomplete to your Forms.


Added How-to Create Horizontal Forms in Unbounce.



Added How-to Dynamically Swap an Embedded Video with URL Parameters.


Added How to Auto-fill Form Fields in Unbounce using Local Storage.


Added How to add Buy Buttons + Shopping Cart to Unbounce.


Added How to Segment Mobile and Desktop Visitors on Google Analytics.





Two brand new workflows have been added to the The Ultimate Tips, Scripts & Hacks library.

The first script by @Rob and @Noah allow you to track button clicks and display specialized lightbox content by using the Dynamic Text Replacement feature.

The second script by @Oren will determine which content to show and which content to hide depending on what mobile device your viewers are using - allowing incredible cross-device optimization.



A brand new script been added to the The Ultimate Tips, Scripts & Hacks library.

This script was tag-teamed by @Noah and @Rob to allow you to add Collapsible sections to your landing page. Use responsibly! :slight_smile:





We just launched a brand new script that allows you display a nifty little typed-text effect on your Unbounce Landing Pages & Convertables. :partyparrot:

Here’s what it looks like in action:

Big shout out to @Noah :noah: for whipping this up!


I love this script. It’s essentially a form of Form Logic that allows you to show certain form fields based on user input from a dropdown menu. This has the potential to be super useful and could easily help improve conversion rates.

Props to @rob on this one. You sir, are a machine. :robot: :spinbounce: