Removal of Jquery Dependency [follow-up]

Hey folks!

As some of you may remember from this post, we’re getting ready to roll out a release which will remove our dependency on jquery. There were a few hiccups that came to our attention during the last release, so we scaled back to make sure to not negatively impact your landing pages.

@Rob and @Brian_Burns have had their hands full with making sure things will run smoothly in the background, so I’ll be the point person here :wave:

:warning: We’re planning to release today and will keep an eye on everything. I do ask that we try to be mindful of the comments section below. If you have inquiries specific to your account, please feel free to give a brief overview of what you’re noticing, and we’ll reach out to you directly. I’d like to avoid updates from the team getting buried in lines and lines of code.

We’ll be releasing what went out last week (detailed in this post), with fixes for:

  • An issue with GTM and form submission triggers
  • Phone validation being applied even though the checkbox isn’t selected
  • Multi-step, multi-field form custom script. Form could submit early and buttons were misaligned.
  • An issue in Firefox with form submissions and the Google Analytics script
  • Empty form field keys not being included in webhook data.json

In addition to these fixes, we’ve updated the scripts in the following community workarounds:


  2. Adding custom validation to form fields

  3. [How to] Run Custom Code/Scripts on Form Submission

  4. [How To] Add A Multi-Step Form 2.0

  5. Multi-Field, Multi-Step Form 🔥

  6. [How to] Add Inline Form Error Messages

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!



Hi Jess,

Thanks for the update!

I had an issue with people being able to send forms with completely empty fields. Is this what you mean by “Empty form field keys not being included in webhook data.json?”

Just hoping to confirm.


Hi Torben!

No, in this instance that’s not what we’re referring to. I’ll send you a message to get a better idea of what you’re experiencing, because I think it’s unrelated to this.

Stay tuned!


@Jess looks like Marketo embed forms are no longer able to be submitted on some of my landing pages. Only for a few ones.
Example here:

Hi @tom_goirand!

We took a look and it looks as though that page was republished after we rolled back the jQuery changes, so the issue you’re having would be unrelated to this update. Feel free to reach out to our support team if you have more questions, or create a new post here in the community!


Hi @Jess,

Can you elaborate a bit on the “An issue with GTM and form submission triggers” statement? What exactly was the issue that was identified?


Hey guys,

There was a setting that wasn’t enabled on my end. I wasn’t aware that I had to select the field first to make the setting “Require this field” to show. I’m all good now!


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Hey Mike!

There was a bug where if the user had added the GTM integration in Script Manager, and added one or more form submit triggers inside GTM, visitors would be unable to submit the form.

In investigating the effected pages, we determined about 10 pages would have had the problem. And that was the pages we couldn’t republish because the page had been edited after the last publish.

It’s been resolved in this last release. :slight_smile:

Hi Fabricio!

You could disable validation in the builder (i.e. uncheck ‘Required field’, ‘Validate as email address’ etc on all the form fields). That would remove all our validation and let you implement your own if you wanted to.

Feel free to send me a message and we can chat in more detail, rather than adding to the thread here.


Hello !

Do you have any news regarding the new update ?

i’m currently in a state where my LP don’t have any error messages (i had to remove them to conitnu working with the Multi-step form 2.0) and before i take time to have find a solution, i just wanted to know if it’s coming in the next few days or at a later moment ?

thanks !

Hey @julien_level! I’m looking into this today and will get an update to you as soon as I can!

Sorry for the delay!


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Hi @julien_level, there have been a few updates released and I wanted to check and see if your error messages are back to functioning normally?

Happy to jump to a private message if that’s easier for you. Let me know! :slight_smile:


Hello @Jess !

well, following your message i just re-installed them to one of my LP.
The thing is i use mult-step form 2.0 on all my LP because it considerably improve the conversion rate.
The inline errors message are working fine as are the french translation of them (via a script found on the forum.)

My only problem is that i used to have a “custom validation script” to verify that the phone number is a correct french number (10 digit), but this script doesn’t look to be working with the multi step form 2.0.
i’ll have to check if there is an update.

I hope there is a new form configurator in the near future with all theses options included :wink:

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I hear you loud and clear!! (Might be a good idea to make a formal #feature-requests post for it :smiley:)


yes i’m gonna do one with all i want :slight_smile:

I noticed something about the error message on the LP where i re-installed the errors messages.
They look like this:


Which is cool, as it’s the new ones. But are they available on all landing pages now ?


Might want to check out html5 pattern attribute…

Something along the lines of:

Not really got much done in terms of the custom validations or masking since the update as I’ve been building a bespoke multipage…