Multi-Field, Multi-Step Form 🔥



Every so often, the Unbounce Community is blessed by some absolute freakin’ ROCKSTARS like @Caroline. A few months back, she took it upon herself to share this boss workaround for a multi-step form and it blew our minds. This deserved to be a standalone post within our Tips and Scripts.

Won’t you join me in celebrating the awesomeness that is Caroline?! It’s community members like her that make this such a badass online community! :raised_hands:


Here is what we have been using for multi fields on multi steps.

This as has worked well for us across many pages & clients.
Here is an example of it in action:

  1. Create form in one column the way you normally would, in the order you want the fields to appear.
  2. Add the following script (before body end tag), name it “Multi Step 1”
  function UnbounceMultiStep(form, options) {

  // Validate arguments
  if ( !'.lp-pom-form form') )
    return console.error('jQuery.unbounceMultiStep must be called on an Unbounce form.');

  if ( typeof options !== 'object' )
    return console.error('No options were passed to jQuery.unbounceMultiStep');

  this.options = options;

  // Store DOM elements
  this.form = form;
  this.formContainer = this.form.closest('.lp-pom-form');
  this.fields = this.form.find('div.lp-pom-form-field');
  this.fieldsByStep = [];
  this.currentStep = 0;
  this.forwardButton = this.formContainer.find('.lp-pom-button').eq(0);
  //this.validationError = $('.lp-form-errors');
  // Verbiage
  this.text = {}; = this.options.nextButton;
  this.text.showSteps = this.options.showSteps;
  this.text.back = this.options.backButton;
  this.text.submit = this.forwardButton.children('span').html();

  // Call constructor method

UnbounceMultiStep.prototype.init = function() {
  var _this = this;

  this.formContainer.addClass('multistep initial');
  this.form.attr('id', 'fields');

  // Add progress bar
  this.formContainer.prepend('<div id="progress-bar"></div>');
  this.progressBar = lp.jQuery('#progress-bar');

  // Replicate Unbounce's field spacing
  var height = parseInt( this.fields.eq(0).css('height'), 10);
  var top = parseInt( this.fields.eq(1).css('top'), 10);
  this.fields.css('margin-bottom', (top - height) + 'px');
  this.progressBar.css('margin-bottom', (top - height) + 'px');

  // Set up fieldset elements for each step
  for ( var i = 0 ; i < this.options.steps.length ; i ++ ) {
    console.log('Adding new fieldset.');
  this.steps = this.form.find('fieldset');

  // Sort fields into new steps
  var currentField = 0;
  for ( currentStep = 0 ; currentStep < this.options.steps.length ; currentStep ++ ) {
    this.progressBar.append('<div class="step">' +
                            '<span class="num">'+ (currentStep + 1) +'</span>' +
                            '<span class="title">'+ this.options.steps[currentStep].title +'</span>' +
    this.fieldsByStep[currentStep] = [];
    for ( i = 0 ; i < this.options.steps[currentStep].fields ; i ++ ) {
      console.log('Field ' + currentField + ' -> step ' + currentStep );
      this.fields.eq( currentField ).appendTo( this.steps.eq( currentStep ) );
      this.fieldsByStep[ currentStep ].push( this.fields.eq( currentField ) );
      currentField ++;

  // Add any remaining fields to last step
  if ( currentField < this.fields.length ) {
    currentStep --;
    for ( i = currentField ; i < this.fields.length ; i ++ ) {
      console.log('Field ' + currentField + ' -> step ' + currentStep );
      this.fields.eq( currentField ).appendTo( this.steps.last() );
      this.fieldsByStep[ currentStep ].push( this.fields.eq( currentField) );
      currentField ++;

  this.progressBarItems = lp.jQuery('#progress-bar .step');

  // Add a back button
  this.backButton = this.forwardButton.clone().insertBefore(this.forwardButton);

  // Only validate fields that are in current step
  $.each(, function() {
    if ( this.required === true ) { this.required = {
      depends: function () { return $(this).is('.active :input')}

  // Add event listeners
  $(function() {
   _this.backButton.unbind('click touchstart').bind('click.unbounceMultiStep', function(e) {

    _this.forwardButton.unbind('click touchstart').bind('click.unbounceMultiStep', function() {

  // Show first step

UnbounceMultiStep.prototype.goToStep = function ( newStep ) {
  // Make sure we aren't going to a steΩp that doesn't exist
  if ( newStep < 0 || newStep >= this.steps.length ) return false;

  this.steps.eq( this.currentStep ).removeClass('active').hide();
  this.steps.eq( newStep ).addClass('active').fadeIn();

  this.progressBarItems.eq( this.currentStep ).removeClass('active');
  this.progressBarItems.eq( newStep ).addClass('active');

  this.formContainer.toggleClass('initial', newStep === 0);

  // Update the label of the forward button
  var current = parseInt(newStep) + 2;
  var total = this.steps.length;
  var nextText = this.text.showSteps ? + ' (Step ' + current + ' of ' + total + ")" :;
  var submitText = this.text.submit;
  var forwardButtonLabel = ( newStep === this.steps.length - 1 ) ? submitText : nextText;

  this.currentStep = newStep;

UnbounceMultiStep.prototype.validate = function () {
  return this.form.valid();

UnbounceMultiStep.prototype.forwardHandler = function () {

  // Prevent going to next step or submitting if step isn't valid
  if ( !this.validate() )
  {$('.lp-form-errors').appendTo( '#' + );
    return false;}
  if ( this.currentStep === this.steps.length - 1 ) {
    this.goToStep( this.currentStep + 1 );

UnbounceMultiStep.prototype.backHandler = function () {
  this.goToStep( this.currentStep -1 );

  // Refresh the validation status

//jQuery plugin
lp.jQuery.fn.unbounceMultiStep = function(options) { = new UnbounceMultiStep(this, options);
  return this;
  1. Add another script (before body end tag), name it “Multi Step 2”
  lp.jQuery('.lp-pom-form form').unbounceMultiStep({
  steps: [
    { title: '', fields: 3 },
    { title: '', fields: 3 },
    { title: '', fields: 6 }
  nextButton: 'Continue »',
  backButton: 'Back'


lp.jQuery('fieldset.step:last-of-type div.lp-pom-form-field').css('float','left');

lp.jQuery('fieldset.step:last-of-type div.lp-pom-form-field').css('width','150px');

lp.jQuery('fieldset.step:last-of-type div.lp-pom-form-field input').css('width','140px');

lp.jQuery('fieldset.step:last-of-type div.lp-pom-form-field select').css('width','140px');

lp.jQuery('fieldset.step:last-of-type div.lp-pom-form-field:last-of-type select').css('width','140px');
lp.jQuery('#Country').val('United States');
  var disclaimer = '<p style="margin-top: 55px; font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif;font-size: 10px; color: #636363; line-height: 12px; padding: 40px 0 20px 0;"> I like cats because they are fat and fluffy always ensure to lay down in such a manner that tail can lightly brush humans nose , for run outside as soon as door open. Chase ball of string lounge in doorway or give me some of your food give me some of your food give me some of your food meh, i dont want it yet plan steps for world domination so touch water with paw then recoil in horror for chase dog then run away i shredded your linens for you.</p>';

if(event.keyCode == 13) {
    return false;

  1. Add the CSS (add stylesheet) - This is copied straight from the page I built for the demo.
html, * {
    -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased !important;

/* Style Form */

	.multistep #fields{
  		height: auto !important;

	.multistep #fields .step{
    	height: auto !important;
    	position: absolute;
    	top: 0;
    	display: none;

	.multistep #fields{
    	position: relative;

	.multistep #fields .step .lp-pom-form-field{
  		position: relative !important;
  		top: auto !important;

	.multistep .lp-pom-button{
  		position: relative !important;
  		top: 0 !important;
  		width: 60% !important;
  		display: inline-block !important;
  		float: right;
      	letter-spacing: 2px !important;
      	font-weight: 700 !important;
    	text-transform: uppercase !important;

	.multistep .lp-pom-button.back-button{
 		margin-right: 0;
  		float: left;
  		opacity: 0.7 !important;
  		background-color: #f1f1f1 !important;
      	color: #636363 !important;
  		width: 35% !important;
  		letter-spacing: 2px !important;
      	font-weight: 700 !important;
    	text-transform: uppercase !important;

	.multistep.initial .lp-pom-button.back-button{
  		display: none !important;
	#lp-pom-form-636 .lp-pom-form-field .text{
    	font-weight: 700 !important;
    	text-transform: uppercase !important;
    	color: #3F4144 !important;
  		font-size: 12px !important;
    	letter-spacing: 2px !important;
    #lp-pom-form-636 .lp-pom-form-field select {
    	background-color: #ffffff !important;	
    	border-radius: 20px;
   		font-weight: 700 !important;
    	text-transform: uppercase !important;
    	color: #3F4144 !important;
  		font-size: 11px !important;
    	letter-spacing: 1px !important;
/* Style Mobile */
@media only screen and (max-width: 525px) {
  	position: absolute !important;
  	clear: both;
  	float: right;
  	margin-top: 20px;
  	top: -120px !important;
    left: 0 !important;
  	z-index: 100;
/* Style Errors */

 		position: relative !important;
 		clear: both;
  		float: right;
 		margin-top: 20px;
  		top: -200px !important;
    	left: -320px !important;
  		z-index: 100;

	.lp-form-errors div.content li{
  		list-style: none !important;
  		margin: 0 0 5px 0 !important;

	.lp-form-errors:after {
  		position: absolute;
  		top: -7px;
  		right: 55px;
  		display: inline-block;
  		border-right: 7px solid transparent;
  		border-bottom: 7px solid red;
  		border-left: 7px solid transparent;
  		border-bottom-color: #661414;
  		content: '';
  1. Make sure anything in the CSS that has an ID for the form is change to your ID (this one only has two places to replace)

  2. In step #3, in the script called, ‘Multi Step 2’ - you can change the number of fields on each step and they will appear in the order you have in them. There you can also rename the ‘Back’ and ‘Next’ buttons and well as add or remove a disclaimer.

  3. SAVE!

This is a bit more on the advanced side, so I will be happy to help anyone with this as much as I can!
Disclaimer - I am not the original creator of this script

Please feel free to add on to this, edit it, remove something, etc.

One issue I have ran into is that the page will still go as long as the form is in the editor UI. If anyone has any ideas of that, please add!

Please make sure to test, test, test!


I think I can speak on behalf of a lot of people…


Form Field Sequencing
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The Ultimate List of Unbounce Tips, Scripts & Hacks

This is an epic script. So useful! We’re going to give it a try right away and see what we come up with. Thank you for sharing it!


Thank you, @Nicholas! I look forward to seeing any advances on this! #sharingiscaring


Awesome @Caroline a real game changer for conversion freaks like me. Thanks!


Amazing @Caroline ! Thank you so much for sharing. Can’t wait to test this out.


This is truly an amazing script (knowing how difficult is to workaround Unbounce’s inflexible structure) Caroline, big thanks for sharing it!

I’m experiencing very odd issue though where I’ve added the email field to the last step (there are 4 steps), set it to required, included email formatting and now when I try to get past the first step, I get a form warning that email field needs to be entered, even though it’s hidden in step 4. Spent few hours troubleshooting this issue with Chrome console and defining custom rules and I can’t seem to find what’s causing this as phone number validation with formatting enabled works just fine. Very odd. If I make the email field (on the last step) not required, the issue does not persist, however, I need to have it formatted and mandatory.

I’ve seen one person on the other post where you’ve shared the script initially had an issue similar to this, you’ve answered him in private, maybe you know what the issue was? Thanks again for the script!


Hi @Edvinas_Puskorius -

Yes, this is an issue I have been working on for a bit now! I’ve been getting closer, but still haven’t completed it. Hopefully someone else in this community has figured it out and can share!


Really hope so, will continue looking for solution myself.


Hoping someone could help me with this.

I’m trying to figure out how to make the box that I place the form in responsive.

So when you go from step 1, where I only display 1 question.
To step 4, where I display my question + a TOS & Privacy agreement.
I’d like the box that I place this form in to be responsive depending on where the submit button moves too.

How can I do this with code?


Hi @Wayne_White!

I believe this idea has been thrown around quite a few times on many different posts! Unfortunately I have not seen anyone post a solution. Perhaps a work-around could be shortening your TOS & Privacy statement to a link to the full statement so the last step isn’t much longer than the other steps?


Hi @Caroline,

Thank you for the script! We successfully implemented it but on mobile I am no longer able to use the “go” button in the keypad to submit any part of the form. Do you know of a way to allow this functionality? I was testing on an android smartphone. Thanks again!



Is there a way to have the “next step” buttons and the “submit” button have different ID-s? That way, we could event track what step they left the form, retarget people who submitted first step but have not finished the form, etc.


@Caroline thank you sooooooo much for this tutorial, this will definitely increase conversion for a long form.
I’m having trouble with that looks like the 2 extra sections on the bottom, the red section and the image with the YUM text.
How do I get rid of those? I can’t find them in the code and I just need the form.

Thank you!!


Hi @raget!

Those are just sections on the page I created - the code will not contain those elements!


Has anyone been able to solve this email required issue? I’m running into the same thing. Thanks!


Hi @ibrudap! I will take a look at this for you! Be on the lookout for a message from me shortly :slight_smile:


Thanks for the code! I’m running into one issue where the button is on top of the form (I’ve included screengrab below) thanks again for your help!



Hi @gunderw1 !

Go into the CSS for this and edit the top property for the lp-pom-button:

	.multistep .lp-pom-button{
  		position: relative !important;
  		top: 0 !important;
  		width: 60% !important;
  		display: inline-block !important;
  		float: right;
      	letter-spacing: 2px !important;
      	font-weight: 700 !important;
    	text-transform: uppercase !important;

Increase 0 to a unit of your liking (probably around 20 should do it). Please feel free to PM me if you have additional questions or issues!


Hey guys,

I’ve been working a lot with this Multi-Step Form to make it work. Already solved many issues, but I have a main one that would like to ask if anyone else has the same.

If someone presses enter instead of clicking the Button manually to go to the second step of the form, the form jumps automatically to the redirection without completing the form.
Is there a way to set up the “Enter” option for the next button instead of the Final SEND one?

After completing the form, when you press the last “SEND” button, the form jumps again to step one before redirecting to the Thank you page. Why does this happen?
Can someone please help me figuring out this?

Is this happening to others too? If I solve it, I would definitely share it with you.

Thanks in advance!

(HERE is the page I’m working on. Feel free t do a Test to understand the issue)


Also having this issue, looking into it but if anyone gets there first… PLEASE share :wink: