Feature Requests

A/B Testing & Reporting Share your thoughts on how we can improve A/B testing / Split Testing / Multi-Variate testing in Unbounce. Convertables Share your ideas on how we can improve Convertables, such as triggering, segmentation rules, functionality, and more. Integrations Looking for a direct integration that we don’t currently offer? Ask for it here! Public API Share your thoughts on how we can improve Unbounce’s API. Forms & Lead Generation Share your thoughts on how we can improve forms and lead generation in Unbounce. Builder & Page Hosting Share your ideas on how we can improve our drag &amp; drop builder, including the content you host in Unbounce. Account Management & Organization Share your thoughts on how we can improve <strong>Account Management</strong> and <strong>Organization</strong> (pages, domains, folders, etc.).
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Split-testing of convertables ( 2 ) [A/B Testing & Reporting] (26)
Convert Unbounce Landing pages into FB instant articles or AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) ( 2 ) [Integrations] (22)
Delete Individual Leads (ie. remove test leads, false leads) [Implemented] ( 2 3 4 ) [A/B Testing & Reporting] (79)
Implementation of Google Fonts is TOO SLOW [Feature Requests] (11)
Conditional Forms (aka Form Logic) ( 2 3 ) [Forms & Lead Generation] (56)
Snap to Section Feature [Implemented] [Feature Requests] (14)
Examples of WordPress sites utilizing power of Unbounce? [Integrations] (6)
Retina Image Support ( 2 3 4 ) [Builder & Page Hosting] (60)
Custom templates reusable across multiple pages (edit main template area/content and all pages using that template are updated) ( 2 ) [Feature Requests] (23)
Unbounce + Act-On Integration ( 2 3 ) [Integrations] (44)
Ability to create lightbox without button [Builder & Page Hosting] (5)
Feature request: Preview link for pages [Feature Requests] (11)
Collapsible page sections on landing pages? ( 2 ) [Builder & Page Hosting] (34)
Ability to Mark a Landing Page Unused [Account Management & Organization] (4)
301 Redirect traffic? ( 2 ) [Feature Requests] (23)
Shared Assets Library (CSS, HTML, Page Sections) ( 2 ) [Feature Requests] (36)
Upload Files (Images, Documents) into the Form ( 2 3 ) [Forms & Lead Generation] (41)
Salesforce Integration - Remove Custom Fields [Feature Requests] (7)
Countdown Timer ( 2 3 ) [Feature Requests] (49)
Forms without a box [Forms & Lead Generation] (11)
Bulk IP Filters [Feature Requests] (4)
Custom Form / Field Template Library [Forms & Lead Generation] (5)
Easy Way To Evenly Space Multiple Page Elements in Groups [Feature Requests] (4)
Trigger popup on Javascript events [Feature Requests] (8)
Ability to render custom fonts in the page editor [Feature Requests] (2)
Unbounce and Zeplin (or even Sketch) Integration [Integrations] (2)
Dynamic Image Replacement ( 2 ) [Builder & Page Hosting] (22)
Universal Footer [Feature Requests] (8)
Stats by Device Category [A/B Testing & Reporting] (8)