Feature Requests

A/B Testing & Reporting Share your thoughts on how we can improve A/B testing / Split Testing / Multi-Variate testing in Unbounce. Integrations Looking for a direct integration that we don’t currently offer? Ask for it here! Convertables Share your ideas on how we can improve Convertables, such as triggering, segmentation rules, functionality, and more. Public API Share your thoughts on how we can improve Unbounce’s API. Forms & Lead Generation Share your thoughts on how we can improve forms and lead generation in Unbounce. Account Management & Organization Share your thoughts on how we can improve <strong>Account Management</strong> and <strong>Organization</strong> (pages, domains, folders, etc.). Builder & Page Hosting Share your ideas on how we can improve our drag &amp; drop builder, including the content you host in Unbounce.
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Split-testing of convertables ( 2 ) [A/B Testing & Reporting] (26)
Convert Unbounce Landing pages into FB instant articles or AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) ( 2 ) [Integrations] (22)
Delete Individual Leads (ie. remove test leads, false leads) [Implemented] ( 2 3 4 ) [A/B Testing & Reporting] (79)
Implementation of Google Fonts is TOO SLOW [Feature Requests] (11)
Conditional Forms (aka Form Logic) ( 2 3 ) [Forms & Lead Generation] (56)
Snap to Section Feature [Implemented] [Feature Requests] (14)
Retina Image Support ( 2 3 4 ) [Builder & Page Hosting] (62)
Examples of WordPress sites utilizing power of Unbounce? [Integrations] (6)
Feature request: Preview link for pages [Feature Requests] (11)
Ability to create lightbox without button [Builder & Page Hosting] (5)
Custom templates reusable across multiple pages (edit main template area/content and all pages using that template are updated) ( 2 ) [Feature Requests] (23)
Unbounce + Act-On Integration ( 2 3 ) [Integrations] (44)
301 Redirect traffic? ( 2 ) [Feature Requests] (23)
Ability to Mark a Landing Page Unused [Account Management & Organization] (4)
Collapsible page sections on landing pages? ( 2 ) [Builder & Page Hosting] (34)
Shared Assets Library (CSS, HTML, Page Sections) ( 2 ) [Feature Requests] (36)
Upload Files (Images, Documents) into the Form ( 2 3 ) [Forms & Lead Generation] (41)
Countdown Timer ( 2 3 ) [Feature Requests] (49)
Salesforce Integration - Remove Custom Fields [Feature Requests] (7)
Forms without a box [Forms & Lead Generation] (11)
Trigger popup on Javascript events [Feature Requests] (8)
Custom Form / Field Template Library [Forms & Lead Generation] (5)
Bulk IP Filters [Feature Requests] (4)
Easy Way To Evenly Space Multiple Page Elements in Groups [Feature Requests] (4)
Dynamic Image Replacement ( 2 ) [Builder & Page Hosting] (22)
Ability to render custom fonts in the page editor [Feature Requests] (2)
Universal Footer [Feature Requests] (8)
Stats by Device Category [A/B Testing & Reporting] (8)
Unbounce and Zeplin (or even Sketch) Integration [Integrations] (2)