New Sales Letter Template Added


There is now a long-form sales letter style landing page template in Unbounce. You can use it for the text heavy infomercial style of landing page that has become popular recently. They don’t always look the best, but they are known to convert well.


I *love* this template. I’m going to make companies use this as the basis for their “one pagers” and stick them online to schedule customer contact with. Forget about PDF one pagers that only get updated once a quarter!


That’s awesome Boris.

I’d like to hold a session and figure out the base requirements for an ideal one-pager to see how we can push it even further to satisfy this need.

It would be great to produce the ultimate one-pager template for new companies that don’t yet have their site ready - and also for anyone pitching a concept needing a backup “about us” story page.

Lots we can do with this idea.