Update about Tips and Scripts!



Hi folks! Just wanted to keep you up to speed with some housekeeping that I’m going to be doing in the following weeks here in the community.

Tips and Scripts are an integral part of this community, allowing Unbounce users to implement workarounds and custom scripts to take their pages, popups and sticky bars to the next level. However, you may notice that some of our Tips and Scripts are a bit old. Some of the workarounds were provided by individuals who are no longer in the position to follow up with customers.

For example, @Mark_Wainwright has shared a large number of custom scripts here in the community, but has since joined our Product Development team as one of our stellar software developers and is no longer in a customer-facing role.

I’ll be going through our list of Tips and Scripts and closing the comments section on posts that are out of date. But don’t worry! I’ll re-post those scripts in the community with all the information you’ll need to implement these workarounds in your pages.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments section! :point_down:


Close the comments by all means but please don’t delete any (even out of dates ones). There are links to them in many places round the internet and some of them provide excellent explanation or work rounds other issues.



Don’t worry, David! We won’t be deleting any! :slightly_smiling_face: