Improve Page speed on my landing page

  • 22 April 2024
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Mobile is reporting back at 64. and 82 for desktop. 

I have Growform integrated as the main form but that seems to be fast when I test it.

How do I remove other third-party code of extra code that doesn’t need to be there? What about changing fonts?

Any help or instructions are appreciated! 

(not a developer)

1 reply

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I've noticed that Growform is taking the most time to load the page.

I think we can try loading everything after the Unbounce page loads, which will make the page faster. Actually, in a real browser, I see that the page is pretty fast. However, in the page speed test, I see the impact of third-party code. So, the only way is to load everything after the page loads using JS. If you want, I can try from my side. You can simply share the .unbounce file or invite me to your Unbounce account using this email:

If you want to discuss more, let’s text on WhatsApp at +8801706000034.

Thanks, Mahinur