Trying to add a Codepen to a lightbox. Help a non-coder out?


Hey, folks! I’m trying to recreate this Codepen…
…in a lightbox here (scroll down to the second button):

I’ve copied and pasted the HTML:

…and the CSS within style tags on a new stylesheet. And the Javascript within script tags.

But when I publish and click the lightbox, it appears blank. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


@lisa.siva cool looking page!

Looks like this script is calling for some scss, I do not that think plays nicely with unbounce. What’s the difference? Read here

Perhaps my friend @Hristian could provide some additional insight?


Ah. I think you’re quite right, Stefano. Just for grins, I tried another Codepen coded with plain old CSS, and it seems to work fine.

Thanks so much for your ninja-fast response!


One follow-up question—my apologies.

When using a pen such as this one…

…is there something I need to do with the Javascript other than copy and paste it between script tags as a new Javascript?

As is, I’m not able to navigate using the dots beneath the text. (It’s stuck on the same block of copy.) Thanks so much!