Startup Recipe: Turn a Service Into a Course


Within this topic, we’ll discuss the instructions provided in Unbounce’s Startup Recipe “Turn a Service into a Course” by Julia Vorontsova at Kakadu Media. To see the rest of the recipes in the series, please visit the Startup Recipes Homepage.

Julia’s watching the thread and welcomes any questions you might have about the recipe, so ask away!


Julia, thanks for sharing your story! I’ve got a few questions I was hoping you wouldn’t mind answering to start…

  • What mistakes did you make?
  • Your ad campaign setup costs were quite high compared to your ad spend. If you were to do it over again, would you simplify the campaign? Or do you think it was worth the upfront cost?
  • What other types of startups do you think could use this recipe? How might they modify it?


Hi Corey!

Thanks for asking, it’s a nice bunch of questions.

  • We tested the value proposition and knew that people were willing to pay but we didn’t test how people would like to learn about the price. We are now discovering that before jumping on a call they would like to know what it roughly would cost, so that they don’t feel weird and uncomfortable! I can tell you now: the 1-on-one coaching is under one thousand for 4 full weeks and the program with group coaching is within $500.
    Another one, as always, I think we are doing it a bit complicated. The easier way would be just to set a landing page and a live video FB ad, and emails. I think it would do the same trick.

  • Yeah, the cost of the campaign listed here is actually not solely related to this test. We use the retargeting setup for other services, and that’s the reason why we wanted production quality videos. So if you take it out, we really spent under $500 on this test alone. Would I do it the same again? Hell yeah! retargeting makes a lot of sense to me and many other businesses, I think. But if I already had good retargeting running, I would just do a simple FB live ad, a page and email funnel.

  • I think any startup who wants to test a new service/product could test it, and with FB live you don’t even need to worry about designing the ad. Just figure the targeting and the value of your offer. Other startups would obviously not need to worry about developing beta course if they are not developing a course, just launch a beta offer and see where it goes, which makes it easier. And where video does not make sense, go with image ad for FB ad, we AB test it too, anyways.