It's Time To Submit Your Pages! So, You Think You Can Convert? 🧠

Hey everyone, :wave: we’re back for another round of So, You Think You Can Convert?, and we’re now accepting your landing pages! Read on for more details.

So, You Think You Can Convert? Is a community-based challenge where THREE Unbounce power users go head-to-head-to-head (:scream:) in an epic battle to see who could generate the highest conversion rate for one lucky Unbounce customer with the help of Smart Traffic. I’m happy to say, we’re back for round THREE! And this time we’re throwing even MORE rocket fuel on it! :rocket:

Unbounce Community Leaders are typically known for their friendly and helpful demeanour, but now it’s time for them to put on their game faces. This time, three contenders will face off to see who can take a good landing page and turn it into a 10x, leak-proof, funnel-popping, business-changing landing page for one lucky member of this community.

For the next few days, we’ll be collecting your submissions and select one lucky landing page for our Community Leaders to square off in a triple-decker head-to-head battle to see who can generate the highest lift in conversion rate, and once again, we’re throwing in Smart Traffic :brain:

Here’s what we’re doing differently this time around:

  • If you didn’t notice, we’re putting THREE community leaders to task in this battle royale (or O.K. Corrall if you’re a country western fan)
  • We’re going to include the original landing page variant to show the actual uplift that can occur when Smart Traffic is switched on

What you’ll need to qualify…

  • A landing page, built in Unbounce :spinbounce:
  • Enough traffic to test our variations (ideally you’re able to drive thousands of visitors per month)
  • Access to Smart Traffic

What we’ll need from you, if you’re selected…

  • Access to creative (images), page integrations (Hotjar, Zapier, etc.)
  • Availability to meet with the Community Leaders and myself (ideally no big upcoming vacations, especially since most travel is a no-no)

What you’ll get :raised_hands:

On October 22nd, we’ll select a landing page for three of our Community Leaders to transform into lead, sales, and sign-up generators. If selected, you’ll be invited to a private Slack channel with myself and the competing community leaders to make it easier to share assets. At the end of November, our champions will share detailed write-ups explaining what they did and why, with brief tutorials included.

With over 500 pages published and 10K conversions generated, the Community Leaders are the real deal. Here’s a brief overview of the contenders who will be going head-to-head in this round to see who can really convert:

Meet the contenders! :wave:

Nicholas is a growth marketing consultant who helps brands turn more website visitors into customers, through landing page design, A/B testing, and conversion optimization.

He’s been working in the marketing industry for over 11 years, and is currently the founder of Earnworthy, a marketing consultancy based in Boca Raton, Florida. He’s also the founder of a popular blog, podcast, and newsletter for marketers called GrowthMarketer.

Nicholas is an Unbounce Agency Partner, Google Partner, and ConversionXL Certified Optimizer.

Adam is the Chief Strategy Officer for Altitude Marketing, a 25-person B2B agency in Pennsylvania.

Adam lives in the woods outside a town you’ve never heard of, outside a city that’s the title of a Billy Joel song that isn’t about that city.

He’s an Unbounce Community Leader, a Certified Zapier Expert, and is on the boards of two nonprofits–one supports professional development for commercial professionals in the life sciences, the other preserves a 1734 log cabin that housed early settlers in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.

Julien is the Director of Operations at Cloud Media, and has been working on CPL acquisition since 2006 so he’s always very performance oriented. Julien is patient, open-minded, ready to take some risks and always having fun creating landing pages for his clients. Synthesizing who they are and what they sell and constructing a visual universe is a major part of his love for his job.

His motto for landing pages is: Be sexy but not too much.

→ The landing page and ads have to be sexy but they also have to deliver quality information and realistic promises.

Conversion rate is important but for his clients, turning Leads into Clients is what matters in the end, as they pay on a CPL basis.

How to enter…

Share a link to the Page Overview of the landing page you’d like our Community Leaders to work on. Yeah, it’s that easy.

Don’t worry, only Unbouncers can view these links, and this way we can avoid unwanted traffic to your landing page.

Got any questions? Feel free to hit the Reply button! :point_down:



Converting over 12% but as an agency can we submit on behalf of our client? How do we know that these people won’t go after our client?

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39,000+ visitors last 30 days, 8.15% conversion so lot’s of room for increased conversions.

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Great point! I can draw up a non-compete clause for this campaign, but it’s worth mentioning that our Community Leaders have a solid reputation of playing fair in the agency ecosystem.

As an agency, unless you have explicit approval from your client, it might be safer not to submit their pages. If selected, it would require you to be the go-between for a lot of requests, and would likely delay the process significantly. If you have any pages that are your own, that would be a much better candidate for this campaign. :slight_smile:


Would love to participate since our landing pages has more than 150k visitors with only 0.xx conversion rate. Problem is, the content is in Arabic :sweat_smile:

However, I already started using Smart Traffic a week ago with different variants, one of the variants created was a “Girly themed” variant with content that addresses “females” (since Arabic nouns differs based on receiver’s gender, e.g German language). Believe it or not, the variant impact resulted into a higher conversion “count” in only 19 hours of publishing, exceeding the 2 months old Original page leads count! (It’s not necessarily because of Smart Traffic feature) the most hideous A/B testing would’ve done the same in this case. Yet, the actual difference that Smart Traffic showed happened after creating multiple well-crafted variants in an attractive short period!

Unbounce, you rock! :heart:

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Hey Jess,

I’d like to enter our page from RepairDesk for this competition. We’re a growing SAAS looking to increase our conversion rate on Google Ads. Currently doing around 5% with this page. Started off with 8% but performance has dropped significantly.

It’s a smaller niche focusing on cellphone and computer repair stores.


Let me know if you need anything else from our side.

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Hi Unbounce!

I’m interested in applying but what does “access to smart traffic” mean? I have a mouseflow subscription that I have linked with unbounce, is this what you mean by smart traffic?

Also, when you say “share the link” do you mean to email this email address the link?

Finally, what is it that you’re looking for in your selection process? For example, is there any particular type of conversion objective or style of the landing page that you want to look at?



Hey I’d love to be considered.

I run marketing for tech startup so always looking for tips on conversions :partying_face:

Page I’m putting forward is


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This is the page I would like to submit

I am a designer for the Art of Living Foundation
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Would love to be considered! This is the landing page:


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Hi Unbounce Team,

This is a fabulous idea. Thank you for putting this on. Curiada is a new craft spirits marketplace. We envision being Super Unbouncers running dozens of campaigns for craft spirits brands in the future. But first, we need conversion help. Thank you for your consideration.

A page that has converted well for our owned audience, and email campaigns, but flopped with paid traffic:

Because you ask for a page with more traffic, a page that has had thousands of visitors and one conversion.

Dealers choice! Thanks again for your consideration and good luck to all contestants!

  • Curiada
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Hello Jess,

can I ask for your help on Landing in French and if so how is the competition of your help set up?
This is our main Landing page which unfortunately only makes 3,65f% of conv. rate


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Hi Jesse,
bravo for this initiative… a Great idea !
I wanted to know therefore if a page in French could be submitted like this one :
which is for our Nurse software and only convert on 0.76%



Hey everyone! Quick update here:

@Jess Does that mean it’s still open to submit my page for the January round? :slight_smile:

It sure does @beverlym! We’ll start collecting page submissions shortly after the New Year :star2:


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We are happy to participate : we have a page here which has 6,96% conversion rate.

Would be glad to have your help on it

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