[How to] Conditionally Display Additional Form Fields Based On Dropdown Selection



Hi @beverlym I just had a look and I believe you’ll just need to enable jQuery in the lightbox and that should get the script working. I’ll DM you a screenshot :slight_smile:


I need exactly this too. The field would display “No” by default, and if the user selects "Yes’, then I need to show 2 additional fields for input.


Hi Rob. Can this script be modified to change either the 2nd drop down (or values inside of dropdown) depending upon the answer to the 1st drop down. To be clearer, my use case requires that the first drop down which contains a list of cities will determine the second drop down, which has a list of available agents within the selected city. Hope this makes sense! Thanks so much!


Hi Rob - I actually figured out that this already does this! So sorry, thanks for the great script!


Hi @Rob I have a problem with this code. What I’m trying to do is if people say “Soy profesional de la salud mental” ("#soy_profesional_de_la_salud_mental") yes (#sí) don’t show an extra field. But if they answer no (#no) to show an extra field (Por_favor_cuentanos_por_qué_te_interesa_Psious).

I added the Javascript and when I test it and select “no” it creates a spacing but it’s blank.

Published URL as a test: