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I feel the need... The need for Speed Boost :rocket: [News and Updates] (8)

Greetings from Unbounce HQ! :spinbounce: Back in September, we made some backend page speed improvements that I’m excited to share with you all today! Speed Boost has launched! :rocket: What’s Speed Boost? Speed Boos…

Checklist: How To Speed Up Your Landing Pages [News and Updates] (9)

As you may have noticed, we’ve been rolling out features that fall under one theme: page speed. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, slow pages are killing your conversions. We’ve been busy behind the scenes ma…

About the News and Updates category [News and Updates] (1)
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Build crisp, high-resolution landing pages :boom: ( 2 ) [News and Updates] (22)
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Sticky Bars and other Popups Feature Updates 🎉 [News and Updates] (12)
Announcing the ability to force https on domains! 🔒 [News and Updates] (7)
*NEW* advanced features for popups & sticky bars: A/B testing, city-specific targeting and scheduling [News and Updates] (8)
We've Released Some New Security Features... Again! :lock: [News and Updates] (12)
[BETA] Sticky Bars added to Convertables [News and Updates] (14)
Update about Tips and Scripts! [News and Updates] (3)
Did someone say NEW TEMPLATES? :fire: [News and Updates] (7)
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