How Going got a 104% increase in conversions

  • 17 May 2024
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How Going got a 104% increase in conversions

They say when the going gets tough, book a flight!

Okay, maybe they don’t but, who doesn’t love cheap flights?

That’s where Going comes in—a subscription service that scouts the web for flight deals and sends you up-to-the-minute alerts for sweet discounts.

I had the pleasure of working with Forrest, Going’s Senior Manager of Growth, when they first started using Unbounce. Together, we took their A/B testing to the next level, leading to 104% more conversions. Learn more in our latest customer story video: 

And if you’re interested in working with our team to level up your campaigns,  check out Unbounce’s Professional Services

1 reply

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Badge +1 Sounds like Going is making travel dreams more affordable! Working with Forrest must have been exciting—improving conversions by 104% is no small feat. I'll check out the customer story video to learn more! 🌍✈️💼