New custom form field validation to improve your lead quality

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New custom form field validation to improve your lead quality

Custom form field validation is a powerful way to improve lead quality and accuracy by filtering out unwanted submissions. That’s why we’re so excited to announce you can now create custom validation rules with regular expressions (regex) directly while editing your forms in Unbounce! (That’s right, no more workarounds required.)

With built-in form field validation, you’ll have more confidence in your lead quality by: 

  • Guaranteeing that visitors provide a business email address, ensuring you connect with serious prospects.

  • Requiring US or Canadian postal codes in their precise formats, securing accurate data for your nurture campaigns.

  • Limiting submissions to numerical values only—no more typos when you’re reviewing quote requests.

  • And so much more!

See it in action in our 4-minute walkthrough video:

Try it for yourself in-app, Learn more about common regex patterns you can use today in this article, and share your must-try regex patterns. 🔥

Powerful stuff! Any chance your team is working on reCAPTCHA implementation or similar anti-form-spam methods? 

Wow, amazing! I wanna try that out now!