[How-to] Create a Collapsible Page Section


Is there an unbounce template that has this built in? Tried to figure this out for myself with zero luck.



@Noah @maxl I tried your tipp for more than one collapsible page section but it isn’t working correctly. Do you have an example for your solution?


Hi, i checked out your code for collapsible panels, but did not manage to make it work… : i added the HTML in a html block on the page section and I added the CSS to the CSS, below the page… yet it just shows the text…

Can you advise? Thx


Hi @MyWellCare_Deutschla!

Could you send a link to your page? Feel free to send me a private message if you’d like!

Thank you,


Would anybody who has done this for multiple sections be able to provide a link to their page to see well it works. I got it working for the page as it was very useful.

Can you setup an if/else if you had multiple sections in the JS code.

Thanks in advance.



Is there any way to launch the collapsible section other than a link?

Ideally, could you launch it when someone scrolls to a certain point on the page?