The Ultimate List of Unbounce Tips, Scripts & Hacks


We’ve put together a list of time saving tips, nifty scripts and all-around crafty hacks that allow you to do even more with Unbounce. Some of these tips have been created by our team, but the majority have been submitted by members of our very own community.

Table of Contents

:no_entry: Disclaimer: Read This First :no_entry:

Some of these tips go way beyond the scope of the Unbounce page builder and incorporate third-party elements such as HTML, Javascript and CSS.

Since these scripts are not built-in supported product features, Unbounce is unable to support or guarantee these codes in any way, shape or form. Also be aware that, while rare, the possibility exists for custom scripts to break or lose functionality as we update our app.

These tips are intended to serve as examples for developers looking to try new things with Unbounce. If you are uncomfortable with this, please seek the assistance of an experienced developer before moving forward. In other words, proceed at your own risk. :warning:

We also recommend leaving a comment on each tip that you implement, as it allows our product team to get better visibility into which codes/features are popular in the Community (which in turn gives us better visibility into which features we could build into the app).

Unbounce Builder: Tips, Scripts & Hacks

Looking for ways to push the Unbounce Page Builder even further? Use the tips & scripts below to supercharge your Unbounce Landing Pages and Popups & sticky bars.

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Landing Page (Beginner)

These tips are fairly easy to use and require minimal editing of html/javascript/css.

Landing Page (Advanced)

These tips generally require some advanced knowledge of html/javascript/css.

User Submitted Solutions

Testing & Optimization Tips

Conversion Rate Optimization

A/B Testing

Do you have any design, conversion or landing page tips? Or are you doing something super unique with Unbounce but don’t see it listed above?

Write up a tutorial and share it in the Unbounce Community!

[Tips & Scripts] Creating a Fixed Header/Footer (aka Sticky Header)
[Tips & Scripts] Sticky Navigation Bar For Desktop - The Code Behind Our Call-To-Action Conference Page
[How-to] Tooltips on Hover Using Tippy.js
[How To] Add A Shopify Checkout to Your Unbounce Landing Page
Hotjar experience on Unbounce pages?
[How-to] Add a Favicon to an Unbounce Landing Page
[How To] Add A Countdown Timer In Unbounce
[Create] Conversational Forms in Unbounce
[How-to] Hide Form After Submission for Marketo Forms in Unbounce
[How To] Add PDFs To Your Landing Pages in Unbounce
How To: Add High-Resolution Retina Images to your Landing Page (for use with retina screens such as iPhone, iPad...)
[How to] Run Custom Code/Scripts on Form Submission
Adding custom validation to form fields
[How to] Save Partial Form Responses from Abandoned Forms in Local Storage
[How-to] Create a Collapsible Page Section
[How To] Create a 100% Width Google Map With Scroll Lock
Building drop-down header menus tutorial
[How To] Add A Countdown Timer To A Specific Date
[How to] Add Perspective Effects to Page Elements
[How To] Add A LinkedIn AutoFill Button To Your Landing Page

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I just posted a new [How-to] that you might want to take a look at and possibly add to the list. 



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Absolutely Awesome (AA for short moving forward!), will save a lot of time and effort for people trawling for answers. Bookmarked and hopefully, we can add even more to this as we go along :slight_smile:


How to add a Fading Fixed Header to your page (added 04/15/2016)


How to Enable Hyperspace Republishing (added 04/08/2016)


How to Send Leads from Unbounce to Google Sheets (added 04/21/2016)


Great contribution Hristian!


How to create a Custom 404 Page with Unbounce (added 05/04/2016)


How to add a Count Up/Down Animation for showcasing stats (added 05/16/2016)


How to create Flexible Form Fields in Unbounce (added 06/24/2016)


How to Reduce The Jargon on your Landing Page with the Unbounce DejargonatorTM (added 07/05/2016)


How to Dynamically Change Background Image With URL Parameters (added 07/05/2016)


How to Pre-fill Mailchimp Merge Tags in Unbounce (PURLS) (added 07/27/2016)


This is awsome, Justin!  Thank you :slight_smile: