So, You Think You Can Convert?: We Picked A Recipient!

Hey everyone! As promised, I’m here to give an update on So, You Think You Can Convert?

We’ve selected a recipient for two expertly-designed landing pages to run their campaigns! Drum roll please…

:tada: Congratulations to @vis!

Visar is the Head of Marketing and Growth at Moona. Moona has developed a smart cooling system that naturally improves your sleep through temperature control, and I have to admit that as soon as I looked at their landing pages I’ve been debating whether or not my pillow is adequately cool enough at night. :sleeping:

Now it’s time to go over some of the challenges that Visar and his team are facing:

  1. Their product isn’t cheap, so getting their visitors to ‘order now’ is tricky
  2. Their product requires education, but they don’t want to inundate their audience with too much information

@Jonathan @Kyle and I met with Visar and we went over all the details, now it’s time for our contenders to GET TO WORK!

We’ll be sharing updates as we reach different milestones in this competition.

If you submitted a link to your page and didn’t get selected, DON’T WORRY! We’re going to be launching another So, You Think You Can Convert contest in the Fall. :leaves:

Let the games begin, and may the best marketer win!