So, You Think You Can Convert? 💥

Hey everyone, big, big, BIG news comin’ in hot :fire:

Back in 2018, we launched a contest right here in the community where two Unbounce power users went head-to-head in an epic battle to see who could generate the highest conversion rate for one lucky Unbounce customer. I’m happy to say, we’re back for round two! And this time we’re throwing some rocket fuel on it. :rocket:

So, you think you can convert?

Unbounce Community Leaders are typically known for their friendly and helpful demeanour, but now it’s time for them to put on their game faces. Two contenders will face off to see who can take a good landing page and turn it into a 10x, leak-proof, funnel-popping, business-changing landing page for one lucky member of this community.

For the next few weeks, we’ll be collecting your LPs for our Community Leaders to square off in a head-to-head battle to see who can generate the highest lift in conversion rate, and this year we’re throwing in Smart Traffic :brain:

What you’ll need to qualify…

  • A landing page, built in Unbounce :spinbounce:
  • Enough traffic to test our variations (ideally you’re able to drive thousands of visitors per month)
  • Access to Smart Traffic

What we’ll need from you, if you’re selected…

  • Access to creative (images), page integrations (Hotjar, Zapier, etc.)
  • Availability to meet with the Community Leaders and myself (ideally no big upcoming vacations, especially since most travel is a no-no)

What you’ll get :raised_hands:

  • Two professionally designed variants of your page made by our industry-leading @Community-Leaders. Each of these could provide a significant uplift!
  • Free, professional advice and critique of the challenges and solutions to driving leads in your sector - specifically to your business.

On August 20th we’ll select a landing page for two of our Community Leaders to transform into lead, sales, and sign-up generators. If selected, you’ll be invited to a private Slack channel with myself and the competing community leaders to make it easier to share assets. At the end of September, our champions will share detailed write-ups explaining what they did and why, with brief tutorials included.

With over 500 pages published and 10K conversions generated, the Community Leaders are the real deal. Here’s a brief overview of the contenders who will be going head-to-head in this round to see who can really convert:

Meet the contenders! :wave:

@Jonathan is the co-founder and President at Webistry, a digital advertising agency that focuses on optimizing the customer journey online, from paid click, to conversion, and retention. Often referred to as an extreme optimist, Jonathan spends his time optimizing operations, managing the team, and finding new ways to enrich their clients’ experience. His motto: “things work out best for those who make the best of how things work”. People know him as a strong communicator and mediator. He’s driven by the thought that by helping businesses of all shapes and sizes acquire new customers, Webistry’s enriching the personal lives of their clients, their clients’ employees, and their families.

@Kyle.C hates inefficient marketing with a burning fire. Banners with too much text, misused stock images, and wasted ad spend. It’s his passion to rid the world of crappy digital marketing. His heart is to help non-profit religious organizations grow their ministries. Which means he’s ready to take his work seriously, knowing it has a global reach. It also means that outreach, lead-generation, and audience messaging is his forté. Kyle also has his photo on the Smart Traffic section of the Unbounce website, so he’s a pretty big deal.

How to enter…

Share a link to the Page Overview of the landing page you’d like our Community Leaders to work on. Yeah, it’s that easy.

Don’t worry, only Unbouncers can view these links, and this way we can avoid unwanted traffic to your landing page.

Got any questions? Feel free to hit the Reply button! :point_down:



We’re interested. Here’s our link:


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I am interested, link:


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Who will reign conversion king? :crown:

Me @Kyle.C, the clever rogue agent?

Or @Jonathan, some fancy schmancy marketing president?

I will be victorious! Muahahaha!


So do we just submit out URL and possibly get chosen… I may not be eligible but I my facebook URL has been doing pretty good lately so here it is:


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Amazing contest! We would love to be considered, but regardless of who’s chosen, can’t wait to see what these two experts come up with and which variation wins!

Here’s our link:


For your consideration!

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Hey Jess,

Heck YEAH I want to get my name in the hat! Who wouldn’t want a custom-optimized page designed by a landing page ninja? My question though… I create a new page each week specifically for my offer of the week, so no single page ever drives the kind of traffic you mentioned (ideally thousands per month), although over the course of a month, I might see 1,000-1,500 visitors across 3-4 pages. Should I just pick one of my better pages and submit that? And if my page should happen to be chosen, the offer on the page will have an expiration date – maybe end of year, but still, I couldn’t use their wonder-page indefinitely. Any advice?



It’s totally up to you! As you said, you can pick one of your top performers and re-use any material indefinitely :smiley:



Why wait… I’m in: BTW, if you pick the page that needs the MOST help (lowest conversions), I may have a shot. LOL. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the opportunity! We have tons of content we could try to use :slight_smile:


I must say your bio is so much more fun than mine :frowning:


Looking forward to this! :boom: :dizzy:


We would love to be considered:


Would be happy to join:


Hi I can juice up the traffic to match traffic quota with this lander and client:

Woot! Thanks!



This sounds interesting!
Where could I inform you of my landing page URL?
We are completely new in the field of landing pages so this could give it a big kick-start!
One side-note: the landing page is in Bahasa (Indonesian), would that be OK?

Love hearing from you.

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Hi everyone,

Just trying my luck.


Best Regards / Com os melhores cumprimentos,

João Henriques


GeroDigital –


We’d like to be considered. We are in the B2B space, so that may be fun!