Scroll bars appearing on our confirmation dialogs


Hey Unbounce Team-

We are having scroll bars appear on many of our confirmation dialog popups (see screenshot). Not sure how to disable- we don’t have any elements out of bounds.

We had the problem in the past and I was able to work around it by removing any additional page sections- and then the scroll bars disappeared. However, in this case we have only a single 512px tall page section and are still seeing vertical and horizontal scroll bars in chrome &firefox.

Any ideas?



One other thing to note as well; these scroll bars are not actually even functional- either on mouse scroll or click and drag. They remain static even as the popup scrolls within the frame.


Hi Kasey,

My best guess is that there’s scrolling because an Adwords Conversion script is adding extra spacing at the bottom of your page.

For some reason that script adds a 13px blank image to the page Ð we have no idea why!

You can fix this by wrapping the script in an HTML tag like the following. The script will still run, but that image will stay hidden.

your entire adwords conversion tracking script goes here   


hi.  I’ve just created a new unbounce page, don’t have any adwords conversion script in there that I’m aware of (I certainly didn’t ask for one), but I’m getting the nasty added scrollbars.  help!



Hi Joe - this is a known issue that we’ve been working on a fix for. We’re just wrapping up testing of that fix, so it should be in place today or tomorrow. I’ve made a ticket for you, so that we can let you know when this happens.

Thanks for your patience.