New Year, New Open Beta: Introducing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in Unbounce :amp:

@Brian_Burns Possible to help with my last question?

I’ve started to build an AMP landing page with a form. I have been able to integrate it into Marketo, have been able to link Google Analytics via GTM but one part left is to have a “date picker” for a date field. We have typically done this using Javascript on a custom field to implement the date picking mechanism (For example - date of birth).

AMP have their own AMP Form

Which has its own date picker function in it.

How can I link a field in Unbounce with AMPs datepicker? Or any datepicker for that matter?


Hey @Andy2,

The most important thing is that your AMP pages can be indexed by Google.

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I understand the benefit of creating AMP pages to be indexed by Google, but this particular use case is for landing pages that built for paid traffic, and NOT meant to be indexed by Google. For traffic to these pages, we want to test how much faster load time will improve conversion rate.

As part of that test, I was hoping to do what I had proposed in earlier post:

Will that actually work? Thanks!

Hey @Andy2,

We’ve reached out to our Google reps to get a better understanding of how indexing of canonical pages works with AMP and paid traffic. I’ll get back to you as soon as we have a response.


Hello, I think this suggestion has already been made but I would like to restate it because I think it would be a good addition to the AMP Beta. Currently, the only way to create AMP pages is by starting from scratch or copying and pasting sections from an existing Unbounce page. That works just fine, but it would be much more time efficient if I could download an Unbounce page and upload it to the AMP builder, just like normal Unbounce pages. It would be even better if you could take an existing Unbounce landing page and toggle “AMP Mobile” on and off for when you want to send mobile traffic to the AMP version of the mobile page.
Another suggestion would be to add the lightbox function to the AMP builder. I use lightboxes on landing pages fairly often, so this would help to keep the same format as my normal Unbounce Pages.

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Hey @MattAguirre,

To address your points:

  1. The current of process copy/pasting sections is obviously not ideal. We still have a lot of discovery to do around what the ideal process is and what intermediary steps we can take to get there (download/upload could be one option). In the future AMP could potentially be part of the landing page experience, the way building a mobile version currently is. This Beta will help inform these kind of decisions. This is definitely an area that we will look to improve upon going forward.

  2. Lightbox functionality is not too far away. I’d expect it to be added soon so keep an eye out for updates.

Thanks for the great feedback and please let me know if there’s anything further to clarify.

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Before jumping into AMP and upgrading our account, I’d love to see an example of an AMP landing page. Does anyone have an example they can share?


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Hey @Barney_Lassen! We do have a few AMP pages built but I don’t have the URLs handy at the moment. As soon as I find them I’ll send them over to you. I know @Joe_Savitch has gotten his hands dirty with AMP pages, he might be able to provide them if he’s free.

Sit tight while I find you some examples!


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hello Barney,

Here is an example of one of our AMP landing page :
And here is the original LP :

–> it’s in french, but as you can see it looks almost indentical.

Here what is missing for us right now:

  • lightbox (for legal stuff) (it’s coming soon as i heard)
  • a few custom scripts (smooth scroll, back to top, and custom script for the form like verification of the phone number and postal code.

By the way, i’ve noticed that AMP comes with its own sets of translation and validation rules for the form.
Usually, we have to translate in french the error messages, but AMP got them by default and in french.
it’s great but we need to see if we can custom if for french phone number validation.


Thanks, @julien_level, and thanks for the summary of points missing in the beta release. :+1:

Hi @Brian_Burns, any word back from Google on this question? Thanks.

Hey @Andy2,

We just reached out to them again this morning as we still hadn’t heard anything. Will update you asap.



I currently have a WordPress blog post

Are you saying I can take that article, dump it into Unbounce’s AMP builder, and have it ready for Google so when people search for it from mobile, it goes to

Hi @Mark_H – It’s possible that you could make an AMP version of your WordPress blog post in Unbounce but it wouldn’t be an elegant experience. For your blog post, check out some of the WordPress AMP converters which are more targeted at publications.

Great use cases for Unbounce’s AMP builder are ecommerce, lead gen, social or email landing pages, or anytime you’d wanna personalize multiple versions of a landing page to segment and target different audiences. With Unbounce you’d be looking to trim load time to maximize engagement and ultimately, conversion.

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I’ve copied over an existing page into the AMP builder and have settled without some custom script functionality like smooth scroll and sticky nav, but is there a way to remove the text decoration on links so that they aren’t blue? They are orange in the builder, but when I publish the page they show as blue (I’ve used style-“text-decoration:none;” on our normal pages to overcome this.

Hey @alanm,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The issue with links always appearing as blue should be resolved.