Missed emails

Hi everybody,
after form submission we do not receive the email, the email module is set and the goal is “Form submission”, so everything seems to be ok.
The page is https://scopri.ceteco.it
Could you help me please?

Thank you, kind regards,

Some quick things you can do to troubleshoot:

  1. Are the leads showing up in the “leads” section of Unbounce?
  2. Have you checked your email spam folder?
  3. Have you tried entering a different email address that you have access to to see if you get it that way?
  4. When submitting the form info, does the form submission box pop up (or does it properly redirect to a thank you page)?

Hi Nicholas,
thx for the answer:

  1. yes, the leads are shown in the section
  2. yes, I’ve checked the spam folder, it is empty
  3. I tried two different emails, both work for other Unbounce pages, but not for this one
  4. yes, the box pop up

I really do not understand what is going wrong…

Now it seems to be ok, I don’t know what is happened.

Sorry, thank you, kind regards,

Hmm, maybe there was some sort of delay on the backend that got cleared up. Glad to hear it’s working.