Former RETAILER looking for CONVERSION advice!


As past retailer, I am fascinated by conversion!The goal of my site is 2 fold:
1- Create a RENTAL for 2 weeks, 
2- Create a SALE for a $20,000 item see .
So in few days, I will have the page up for your CRITIQUE and hopefully help.THANKS YOU & PLEASE

For now I have a question:

What you think of this as the BUY Button? 
Now here is my thinking:
1- Phone number says I am reachable, photo of person says you will be dealing with humans…
2- Too forward and can turn off customers… What you think?


Thank you very much for a wonderful and through response AMIT!
I agree with you on the TOO-MUCH info for a button. 
After all those are th information on the page.
Your input is very appreciated. Thank You


Great! Glad I could be of help Amid - Remember the golden rule - Keep It Simple.


Hi Amid,

One of the primary tactics to higher conversions as far I can see - is to keep all the copy and call to actions simple, to the point and without potential friction - basically easy to use and read.

I’d say the issues you could have with the call to action button you are proposing to use are as follows;

  •  It’s too complex. It contains too much information for just a button - which could be a friction point and ultimately turn a visitor off. In comparison to the standard style of button used elsewhere on the web it wouldn’t compete I think for the reasons I’ve stated. 
  • All the information you are trying to convey in a button, you really would be looking at conveying elsewhere on your landing page. A clear and easily visible phone number at the top of the page maybe ? A picture of you with your name and title - and a quote from you about your service maybe ? Couple that with some great social proof in the form of testimonials and that would add some great reasons for people to actually hit the ‘buy now’ button.
    Amid I would suggest you subscribe to the Unbounce blog and read this article ;

My advice would be go with a simpler button - and run some tests first - once you’ve got some data you can look at copy on the button/button colour as possible experiments and tests you can run.

Hope that helps - and looking forward to seeing your page soon !