[Feedback Wanted] How can we make reporting better for you?


We’re going to build a brand   new  reporting and analytics package so you can quickly and accurately report on your campaign results in Unbounce, and want your feedback to make sure we hit this out of the park.  In fact, we don’t just want your feedback - we want to hear what your pie-in-the-sky vision of your ideal reporting solution. 

Something tells us it doesn’t look like this… 

We’ve sifted through the last 4 years of data in the Community to find the most commonly requested reporting features, which include:

  • Reporting by defined period

  • A/B Testing & conversion breakdown report

  • Simplified reporting with images, graphs

  • Completely unbranded lead notifications

  • Ability to delete/reset leads

  • Ability to generate a full .PDF report

  • Ability to measure time spent on page

  • Mobile/desktop conversion breakdown

  • DTR conversions

  • Device type reports

  • Tracking multiple conversion goals

While this does give us a pretty good idea as to what features are being requested, it doesn’t exactly paint a clear picture of what reporting 2.0 should look like. That’s why we want your feedback to help us make sure we’re building the best reporting tool for your campaigns.

The bottom line is that we want to make your lives easier by giving you the tools you need to report on your campaigns more effectively. It’s one thing to improve your conversion rate and ROI; but it’s another thing to be able to underline your successes (and look good doing it).

Sound off in the comments with answers to the following questions. Be sure to not only let us know which features you would like to see, but also why and how they would improve your reporting.

  • What data do you generally present to your clients/boss/team/manager?

  • What data do you currently pull from external sources (Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, etc.) to complete your report?

  • What data is most important to you?

  • What data is most important to your clients?

  • Which features are on your wishlist? How do you feel they could help your reporting efforts?

  • When preparing reports, what takes you the most time?

  • Could you share an example of what your reports look like?*

*Feel free to change the names/numbers, we’re just looking for an example of the formatting of the document and the data that’s being reported on.


Sounds like you already covered my feature requests.

My main pain point is tracking multi-page funnels. In fact, I was just trying to figure out a work around for this today.

Here’s a typical funnel I use for the college I work for:

  1. A visitor clicks on a search ad that takes them to a “Campus” page.
  2. The “Campus” page lists programs available at the campus and links to the “Program” page.
  3. The “Program” page has a link to “Request Information” which goes to a “Form” Page.
    So there are 3 pages in this funnel. All three pages have A/B tests running. I’d like to track both click through rate (CTR) and, ultimately, form submissions. Currently with Unbounce, I have to choose only one goal. Most the time, i go conservative a choose form submissions…but that means my tests are longer than necessary since CTR might reveal the winner faster.

I’ve learned that I can use the External Conversion Tracking on my “Form” page to track Form Submissions on the Campus and Program page. The problem I discovered is this only works reliably for 2 page funnels because of how the External Conversion Tracking script works. When you have a 3 page funnel, the page at the top won’t always record a conversion.

This is a huge pain. I’d love if you can fix it!


Also, I love the GoodUI reports. I think it would be good for your team to use as inspiration.


Thanks for the feedback, Phillip! Does anyone else have any input on how we can make reporting better for everyone? 


Happy to jump in with at least $.02 worth of input. Our most important/heavy analysis takes place in Google Analytics because of the segmentation capabilities. Don’t try to recreate Google Analytics, just allow us to dig a little deeper into the data in the report interface. Hope this is helpful, and I’m sure we’re not the only ones that would benefit from these upgrades.

What data do you generally present to your clients/boss/team/manager? These are also the most important for us and our clients.

  • We share conversion rates by variant with our clients and screenshots of those variants as a reference. 

What data do you currently pull from external sources (Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, etc.) to complete your report? 

  • In addition to the above, we log everything in Google Analytics for deeper analysis & install CrazyEgg for click tracking and scrollmaps
  • GA: Conversion rates for specific data ranges
  • GA: Conversion rates for different traffic segments and cohorts (mobile vs. desktop, dayparts, Google vs. Facebook, etc.)
  • CE: scrollmaps, click maps

Which features are on your wishlist? How do you feel they could help your reporting efforts?

  • Don’t delete historic stats when they are reset! 
  • Allow us to determine conversion rates for a specific data range.
  • High-level export to PDF or HTML file of screenshots & conversion rates to create a quick comparison of any variants (not just active). Use case: show a current page next to a page from last year to show how much we have improved. This would also require conserving historic data!
    Our reports are typically dropped into a Keynote or Powerpoint template for presentation. 

Looking forward to seeing where you go with this!


Thanks for this feedback, Andrew! This feedback is super important; so we might contact you in the future to drill in to a few of these points. 



I (we) would like to be able to export all leads from a page-group.

Within unbounce it is possible to 1) export leads from 1 page or 2) leads from all pages and page-group within a “Client”, it is however not possible to export leads from 1 page-group.

In our situation we have 1 Client with multiple page-groups, within each page-group we have multiple pages.

Different types of leads are grouped within each page-group, it would be a huge time saver if we could export these leads in 1 action, instead of exporting leads for each separate page and combining them manually or exporting all leads within a Client and removing the ones we dont need (diasadvantage: page-group name is not exported).
Creating a new Client is also not a solution for us as we are using our own custom domain. Apparently a domain can only be used in 1 Client at a time. Introducing a new domain will have impact on the already active pages.

Exporting leads from a page-group would also emphasize the meaning of a page-group, which is now only a container for pages and not a container for leads.

Kind regards



Thanks so much for this feedback, Ido! These are all really valid points, so I’m going to see if someone from our Product team can weigh on on them. 


This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Downloading leads from only specific groups or pages.

It would be great if the option was available to download leads only from specific groups or pages. As of now, you can either download ALL of your leads or individual groups - but you cannot choose only specific ones to download.


Have the ability to select a specific time frame. This will allow us to see the amount of visits and conversions made in that time frame.


Thanks for chiming in, Kristina!


Hey - here’s my two pence worth …

I’m sure this stuff I’m gonna say isn’t new - but it’s been on my mind for ages.

So for me the A/B Test Centre is great for stats on Visitors, Views, Conversions & CR - but here is a few things I think would make it become totally awesome;

  1. Each variant having a ‘Birth’ date. It would be really cool to know how long each variant has been around form inception - it helps with analysing the whole campaign.

  2. Each variant having an accessible/visual audit trail … so you can see where each edit has happened and also the stats before and after each edit.

  3. A way to download those stats into a csv - depending on custom parameters. E.g  - i could download a set of stats on a landing page over a set period of time - e.g. just visitors and conversions …
    And the CR Chart would be even more awesome if …

  4. You could get a reading across the CR% axis as well as the time axis.

  5. You could click on the line to get a true reading.

  6. You could download the graph.

  7. You could combine different data streams into graphs in the CR or Data Chart.
    Hope it’s actually helpful to others - could just be me being way too clinical … 




Hi Everyone!

This conversation started over 3 months ago. Do you have any updates as to when the reporting feature/tool will be available?
A simple report with the following features would be great!:

  • date published
  • stats split by versions (testing)
  • of visitors (mobile vs. desktop and total)

  • conversions (mobile vs. desktop and total)
  • conversion rate (mobile vs. desktop and total)
  • average time on LP (mobile vs. desktop and total) (also, make it available in an individual basis)

Thank You!



There is some great feedback in this thread and I appreciate you all contributing.

Let me give you an update on the status of reporting. We have one project that is getting close to release; the ability to get a daily traffic breakdown by client. This will allow people to get a better overall view of where account traffic is coming from, at a higher level than individual pages and variants.

One of the reasons we did this project first (as it was not the most highly requested feature) was to build up some internal infrastructure that would allow us to tackle some of the more interesting reporting problems… such as:

The ability to report on mobile/desktop visitors, views, conversions and conversion rates. This project is next in the development pipeline.   


+1 the ability to break down all metrics by discrete report periods, e.g. landing page views for a particular week. 


I would like the ability to export data on all my pages and their variants that includes the # of visitors, # of page views, the weight, and conversions. It would be great to customize these reports to a certain period of time, and have them scheduled, like the Facebook ads tools.


It would help me to be able to send the .csv version of new and previous leads instead of just emailing the latest lead. So basically generate the .csv lead report each time a new lead is received.


Yay for mobile/desktop conversion breakdown. 
But also breakdown of “external conversions”.


Great point, Mark! :slight_smile:


Hi Justin, is there an update on whether this feature will be included in reporting improvements? I’m looking to see raw number of visits and conversions per day, not just cumulative conversion rate over time, so that I can measure the effectiveness of each landing pages to convert to a software download/install and thus measure cost per install from my PPC ads.