Creating looping videos with no controls inside custom containers


Anybody have any idea how to create the looping videos on this page here

Is there a way to go about creating these videos and placing them in a slightly slanted container like this without any controls?

These are also very similar to the video that Apple use on their website which seamlessly integrate with the page without looking like embedded videos.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks.

[How to] Add Perspective Effects to Page Elements

Hey Myles!

Dang that’s a nice feature. I’ve actually just sent that page to one of our developers to try to recreate it. As soon as he is able to publish something similar, we’ll add it as one of our Tips and Scripts and I’ll tag you directly.

Thanks for bringing that to our attention! :relaxed:


Very cool!

Looking forward to seeing this on an Unbounce page!!!


Hey @myles and @Stefano ask and you shall receive! :raised_hands: