Confirmation of inputs "ˆ la". Thanks


I loved Andre Morys at CTA on Monday. And, here, I’m curious. How can we have confirmation of inputs “ˆ la” with Unbounce?

As shown above, I’d love it to have visual validation of fields.

And I’d also love it to have error messages to pop up on the fly.

Is that shown above completely feasible with JavaScript?



Hi Adrien, 

Currently, you can achieve similar field validations but you have to write a bit of code (JS & CSS).
It’s not something you can currently do with point and click in the form builder. 



Hristian, thanks for your help on this. Can you point me at a specific resource for handling such a task? Thanks.


Hi Adrien, 

If you have a clear idea/design in mind of how you want these validations to look and perform, you can email me directly at:

Generally speaking, any developer should be able to help you. It’s a matter of knowing what you want and doing some tests to get it right. 



I appreciate.

One more question: If I get an arrival date and a departure date in a form, can I prevent the form from being submitted when there is not at least X days between the two dates inputted?


Well, you can for example, set the departure date to be selectable only after a certain date.

Ex. If your arrival date is the 23rd of June, you can only allow the user to select a departure date 5 days after the arrival… meaning anything before the 28th of June won’t be selectable.