Zoho CRM integration


Hi, I’m a Zoho CRM user. Any plans in the works for integration? Or has anyone had luck with the webhook? Thanks


Hey Paul,
We have a number of integrations with CRMs on the map - Zoho is on there but we haven’t set a date yet. We’ll be sure to update this thread when we have a better idea of when an integration might happen.

In the meantime, if you have any development resources you can always try wiring up a little custom integration using our webhook and Zoho’s API. You would just need to write some custom script to connect the two.



Hi Carter,

Do you have any further documentation on this? I’ve been trying to use the webhook and Zoho API but haven’t had any luck.



Unfortunately I don’t Meaghan. If I come across anyone else that’s had luck with this I’ll let you know. Sorry that’s not the answer you were looking for…


Hi Paul,

I am Pete from OneSaas. (http://www.onesaas.com) We are a cloud integration solution who recently rolled out a beta connector for Unbounce. We currently have a Zoho CRM connector as well as many others. This integration would take the contacts from your landing page and push them to Zoho CRM.


Hello Carter,

Regarding Zoho CRM integration as discussed above, can you please give me an update?




Hey Adam, we actually have a Zoho integration in closed beta at the moment. I will add you to the group…


i would also like to get into that group if possible. thanks


No problem, can you fire an email to support@unbounce.com with the email address of your account? That way we’ll know who to enable it for.


Hey guys - Unbounce now integrates with Zoho

Check it out È


Hi Guys,
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