Workshop: 3 Valuable Takeaways from the ÒHow Unbounce Uses UnbounceÓ AMA Workshop


Hey Community!

This last Tuesday, June 23rd, some of you may have taken part in our workshop on how the marketing team here at Unbounce makes use of landing pages for every campaign possible.  

Whether it’s for upcoming webinars, in-person events, or even contests, the Unbounce team has produced dozens of dedicated landing pages that serve as the heart of a campaign, and based on the tips shared in the workshop, you too can start using landing pages as frequently and effectively.

Although I was knee-deep in the behind-the-scenes production of this Workshop, I still learned several handy takeaways, including these top three:

  1. You can have a say in Unbounce landing page template development

Once a month, Unbounce designers and marketers get together to create new mobile responsive landing page templates that are designed with conversion as their sole purpose.  To decide what kinds of templates to build, they lurk our community to see what customers are requesting most frequently. So even though Unbounce templates are completely customizable in every way (meaning any template can be YOUR template if it serves your campaign goals), if you’d like a landing page template designed with your specific industry in mind, you can post your request in this handy post

  1.  Hot tip: try using smooth scrolling

While landing page length is a whole topic in itself, sometimes you’ll want to pack all of your info on one longer page rather than on a bunch of shorter pages. With smooth scrolling, finding info on a longer page is made a breeze. Smooth scrolling allows your visitor to navigate to different sections of the page by just by clicking on a link or button. That is, if you include a button at the top of your page pointing to your CTA ÒDownload my ebook!Ó this could scroll down the page to where the form is located, if you wanted. Check out this article to find out how to do this magic on your Unbounce landing page.

  1.  Confirmation pages aka Thank You pages are a huge (often missed!) opportunity

After someone converts and takes you up on your landing page offer, it’s important that they know they’ve submitted the contact form successfully. A confirmation page, or ‘thank you’ page helps you reassure visitors. That said, make sure that you take advantage of these pages. You can even use them to further your relationship with your newly converted visitor. For example, at Unbounce, after visitors sign up for a webinar, they’re asked whether they’d like to subscribe to our blog on the Thank You page. This tends to work out well because leads are already confirming interest in the brand and what we do, so they often sign up to hear from us on another channel. As marketers know, ÒGet them [leads] while they’re hot!Ó  For more info on the importance of Thank You pages, check out this lesson from The Smart Marketer’s Landing Page Conversion Course. They’re a perfect way to close the loop and get more from your incoming leads.

These are my lessons learned from Tuesday’s workshop, but now it’s your turn. What did YOU learn from the ÒHow Unbounce uses UnbounceÓ AMA Workshop?  Feel free to share your insights below!

And, if you have questions left unanswered from the Workshop OR if you’re kicking yourself for not thinking of THAT question during the Workshop, now’s your second chance to ask.  Just post your question below.  I’d love to open the ÒAÓ part of the Q&A to the rest of our community.  :)

In case you missed it, here’s the link to the recording.