Why Is Lead Gen Data Blank?


I have a lead generation form on my unbounce page. I had 7 leads but the data (Name, Email etc) was blank in the email notification and in unbounce dashboard. Why?


Hello Warren - thank you for reaching out !

Would you please be able to email your Unbounce login email, and the name of the pages that are coming up with empty leads to support@unbounce.com

One we have that information, we will be able to further troubleshoot. We look forward to hearing from you Warren.

All the best,

Louise | Unbounce Customer Success


Another thread attributed this problem to bot form submission bypassing the validation.


Hi Reagan - sometimes the validation just isn’t set-up for the form fields in question, but usually this is bots bypassing the validation. Since it’s client side only Javascript validation, bots are able to get around it by turning their browser Javascript on and off.