Why does CSV export actually product a TXT file?


Why did the .csv export feature change to a comma-separated .txt file? It adds a couple steps to download, open in Excel (rather than text editor), and do the text to columns function to parse the data into something useful. Can you bring true .csv exports back?


Andrew, it sounds like the issue is with your computer and not Unbounce. Windows Explorer allows you to establish different programs for different file types. There is nothing that Unbounce can do to change file associations.

This note explains how to change the association of .CSV files, so you can open them up with Notepad as opposed to Excel, or the reverse if that’s what you want.


The other option is to right-mouse click on the file and select “Open With” which should give you the choice of programs to use to open the CSV file.


Brian, thanks for the reply. My problem is not with opening the file in Excel, but the fact that the button labeled “Create CSV of Leads” actually produces a .txt file. It used to generate an actual .csv file.

I can get the data I need either way, but the .txt file adds a few steps to the process.


Hi Andrew,

It looks like this is actually a bug related to Chrome. Chrome is changing the file extension to .txt while both Safari and FireFox download the .csv as they should.

For now your best options are to either use Safari or FireFox to access the CSV or to manually change the extension of the file downloaded with Chrome. We’re just digging in to see what control we have over this from our side and will update this thread when we have any further info.


Thanks, Ryan. I would never have figured that out on my own. Hope you can find a solution to force the .csv format.


@Ryan: this is happening in safari as well. Only happens some of the time it seems. Beyond frustrating.


Thanks for the update Kevin. I’ll forward this information along to our QA team.


Glad I’m not the only one seeing this (I think?). It is still happening on our end.