Why can't I edit % traffic in my variant?


Trying to launch a variant test. Variant appears to be published, but I cannot assign traffic to it. I enter the % and when I click away, save, etc it resets to zero. Same with renaming the variant title. What am I missing? thanks



Thanks for the response, and hitting “enter” is exactly the issue. I did eventually figure it out, but would add my voice to making a little tweak to that input experience. Since a mouse click is how one opens the fields, an option for a mouse click “input is done” element (along with hitting enter) would make it a bit better in my opinion. j

Thanks again,


Hi Greg, definitely agree with you there - thanks for the feedback! Glad things are working for you now.



I am hitting enter, the thingie “thinks” (a circle rolls) but then jumps back to 0%! Why? What am I doing wrong? (I am using chrome)


Hi Greg, are you hitting the “Enter” key after you change the value of the traffic % or the variant name? Clicking away will cancel the change (something we’ve had others express frustration with so we’ll be making that more intuitive in the future).