Who owns the leads collected via Unbounce?


I have a client that is interested in using Unbounce, but needs clarity around the ownership of the records collected via Unbounce landing pages. Does Unbounce maintain any rights to use the records collected, or are they solely owned by the creator of the landing page? Thanks!


Ooooh, interesting.


Yes indeed.

The tricky thing with this stuff is that although we have no designs on your leads, we need to retain some rights over the data on the system in order to provide the Unbounce services to you.

Here’s the most succinct way I can find to put it Ð sorry its not all that succinct!:

We have no interest in retaining any rights to any data except for those rights we need in order to provide the Unbounce services to you, and to be able to talk about the effectiveness of the Unbounce services to the public in general terms.

The data we use to talk about the effectiveness of the services is confined to Aggregated Data Ð records which have been stripped of information potentially identifying customers, landing pages or end-users, and which have been manipulated or combined to provide generalized, anonymous information.

We never use leads collected by account holders on their pages for any other purpose than providing the services to the account holder, and we only use page or account specific performance data in our publicity materials with the express permission of the account holder (if we wanted to publish a case study of an A/B test for instance.)

I’m sure you were hoping for a shorter answer than that, but hopefully it helps!

All the best
Jason Murphy
Co-founder and COO


So, that’s use of the leads. Who owns the data? Is it still the client’s data, and Unbounce ‘use’ it on the way through?


Thanks Jason. Would it be fair to say that the client owns the data, and Unbounce only maintains the right to use the information collected via forms for reporting/analysis in aggregate? Just want to make sure I understand the spirit of what you’re saying.


Hey Dan, Bevan,

At the end of the day we are in the business of providing a hosted landing page service to online marketers and are careful about our reputation for doing a good job and being honest players in the marketing ecosystem.

If we ever did anything like recompiling leads from customer accounts and using them for some purpose that they were not originally intended it would make safeguarding that reputation and growing our business a lot harder!

I admit, our terms of service can sound a bit tough (as legalese often does.) The TOS reads:

‘Unbounce owns any test results, data information and other output generated by your use of the Site and/or the Services during the term of this Agreement.’

However the purpose of this is so that we can do two specific things:

a) provide the Unbounce service to you
b) publish page performance data (never leads) in aggregate (never identifiable as a specific customer, account or page visitor, unless express permission has been given.)

And only those things.

Whatever else you do with the leads you generate from the pages you publish via your account is entirely up to you.