Who is the ideal client for an agency focused on landing pages building and A/B test?


Hi everybody there! I _m new here, my name is Rafael (from Spain). I _m trying to start an agency focused on landing pages services and A/B tests. Could anyone please tell me what the usual client is for this kind of service. I _d like to make a segmentation for my agency. Is the marketer of a any size of company? is the owner of the company? is other digital marketing agency? Who is or better yet who should be my ideal customer? Thank you for y our help folks!


Hi Rafael,

Welcome to unbounce. I’d like to start off by saying that there is no right or wrong answer here, at-least according to me.

Here are some of my thoughts: 

If you feel you have a competitive advantage in a particular vertical, then you should definitely consider specializing in that industry. We have customers ranging from enterprise to local professional because our internal resources allow for it (this wasn’t always the case). From lawyers, accountants & dentists to telecommunication providers, rehabilitation centres, e-retailers, contractors & more.

Smaller businesses with less access to resources may be less apt to take risks. Since there is still a learning curve in regards to PPC & landing pages in general, it could often be difficult to onboard customers who haven’t yet marketed online. However, there are many small businesses & professionals who are willing to take the leap forward.

I would suggest just getting started & eventually you’ll find your mojo!

Best Wishes,
Stefano Apostolakos


I agree with Stefano, most small businesses are not savvy enough to engage in basic Conversion Rate Optimization (although they should be!).  Any industry can benefit, but we found a few criteria that improve our chances of a successful client relationship:

  • Clients that are willing to take risks and tolerate failure if it results in learning something
  • Clients that have defined CPA targets and know the value of CRO to their business
  • Clients with a budget for hiring and retaining expert help
  • Clients that can handle an influx of new leads/sales/etc. (you would be surprised how many clients tell us to stop or slow down once we find a winning strategy…they aren’t very scalable!)
    Our sweet spot, here in the U.S., is mid-sized and larger companies with an in-house marketing team. They often know, or can easily understand, the value of a professional CRO company but usually don’t have the resources required to hire an expert in-house full-time. We are typically working with Marketing Managers, Directors, or VPs/CMOs. I don’t know what the equivalent job titles would be in Spain, but safe to say it’s mid/upper management.

You’re in a great industry, i.e. one that can measurably show your impact on a client’s bottom line. Get a few solid case studies published online and be ready to share them with prospects. 

Then, decide how many clients you can reasonably handle to hit your revenue goals. Is it 10 large clients, or 100 small clients? Best to figure that out early so you stay on track and learn to identify the best clients. 


Hi Andrew, thank you. Your answer have been very helpful and relevant.
Best wishes from Spain!


Hello Stefano. Thank you for your time and insight. I _m about to start the agency and need all that kind of information. So thanks a lot
Best wishes from Jerez (andalucia-Spain)


Jumping in a bit late on this conversation, but I second Andrew on everything above.

Also wanted to share something we experienced at ConversionLab. There is a fine line between getting large ENOUGH companies to invest in CRO - and the ones that are TOO big.

The larger the companies - the greater the chance of them having strict IT-policies preventing you from helping them in a straight forward manner. We have hactually had a few customers where IT has stopped our efforts using external landing pages and Unbounce due to policies alone, in spite of extremely strong growth in revenue due to the CRO process. 

There are ways to work around this doing testing on their CMS etc., but we have found Unbounce to give us much greater flexibility enabling us to provide much more value to the customers in terms of increased CVR.

Good luck on your new agency, Rafael :slight_smile:


Great answers, I have found the same - smaller companies often don’t get it and don’t have the budget to implement what I tell them - even though as mentioned by Andrew they are the ones that need it. 

I don’t provide PPC service just landing pages and CRO and have found PPC agencies to be a good way of getting going - the good ones understand what I offer and what I can do for their clients and what the benefit is to them long term. 

From this base I plan to work on getting into the mid size/bigger companies that have the budget and appetite for learning (as mentioned before) but this is a longer process (in my experience) 

Hope this helps



Hello Rolf,

I _m very happy for your answer. I _m in conversionlab newsletter list since I signed a month ago. The true is that I _m involving in this part of the digital marrketing world because of you!. I didn’t know anything about conversion till I found one day your website by chance. I said what is it all about? I started to find out everything I find about conversion in the internet, bought some books and here I am. I just wanted to say thank you for the time invested in your answer and for the inspiration you actually was for me and the reason of my new job and live. 

From Spain, 



Wow, Rafael! Thank you for the kind words! I am happy to have inspired and helped you along the way! 

You just made my day! What a perfect start going into the weekend :slight_smile:


Way to go Finge!  :)


Hi Rafael, what a great question!I am part of the partnerships and would love to hop on a call with you (or anyone on this thread who is interested) to find out how we can empower you to offer Unbounce as a service :slight_smile: Please feel free to email me: nadia.rozental@unbounce.com