When (if ever) should you add the price to the top of a landing page?


I’m curious to know if anyone puts the price of your offer on the top of a landing page. My guess is that conventional wisdom says don’t do it but that is exactly what we did.


My thought with displaying it so early and prominently was to make the price a selling point.  In other words something to brag about.

What do you think? Is this foolish?


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Thank you Ilane! We working on that right now.


Thank you Ilane! I should have completed that before posting on Unbounce. We’re working on that right now.


Hey Jim,

Cool product. I like how you packaged an “all-in-one” video solution for conferences. 

I’m pretty familiar with video production myself. And I know that you’re price is very reasonable for what you’re offering.

I’m actually curious how you can afford to do it at such a low cost considering all the post-production work that’s involved and the fact you need to travel to film the conference on-site :wink:

That being said - not everyone is as well versed in video production as I am. 

Here are my thoughts: 

When I first landed on your page, I wasn’t instantly clear on what you were offering. 

Your header is good. But you lost me a bit in your sub-header…

You tell me “Six must-have videos to increase engagement and revenue for only $9900.” but you don’t tell me increase engagement and revenue of WHAT. 

It might seem obvious because you mentioned “The Ultimate Conference Video Package” in your header, but there was a major disconnect for me here.

I would even consider switching it around…

Header : 6 Must Have Videos To Increase Engagement and Revenue at Your Conference

Sub Header : Get the Ultimate Conference Video Package for just $9900

It’s a bit longer but I feel it makes your offer much clearer, especially since you’re mentioning price upfront. 

I would also make the subheader font a bit larger since the header really overpowers things right now.

Another piece of your copy I found confusing was the header just under the fold…


I’m curious why you used the word ÒAssociationsÓ instead of ÒConferenceÓ. The term is inconsistent with what you’re saying above the fold and it also makes me feel like Òam I not qualified because I’m not an Association?Ó

Another thing I would consider putting higher up on your page (maybe in the banner or just under the fold) are the BENEFITS of your package.

Nowhere have you told me what the $9900 includes:

-       On site filming of your conference

-       Complete post production and editing

-       4K Video and HD sound quality

-       Digital animation

I’m just guessing what’s included, but you get the point.

You’ve done a good job explaining the 6 different videos and the benefits of each. But I think you would benefit from explaining some of the features included in your package as well. 

Hope this help!


Sina Fak



Fantastic analysis, Sina! Thanks for chiming in. :smiley:


You’re absolutely right about getting the consultation. Nothing happens without starting a conversation and building a relationship. That really is the primary objective of this page.


Thanks Aagaard, you make perfect sense. One of the goals of prominently displaying the price is hopefully to attract the right customer.

Most city and state associations would write us off at that price point. National associations would see this (I believe) as very reasonable. In fact, any lower and I don’t think they would take us seriously.

The combination of a $10K price tag and showing recent work from our portfolio hopefully gives enough information to the visitor that we are professional and legitimate.

But as Amit mentioned, nothing happens without starting a conversation.


Sina, I love your suggestions! The idea of swapping the header and sub-header is a great idea and made me smile!

Thank you for taking the time to make such a detailed analysis. I’m going to get back to work on the page and will report back when it is updated.


Hi Jim,

There’s no rule of thumb here. But my guess is that for a high value product and service such as yours, you really want to get a consultation with them - then start talking money. Price might put them off or attract the wrong type of customer - depending on where you are situated price wise in the market.




Hi Jim, 

Depends entirely on the product/offer and the “conversion scenario”. 

Sometimes the price itself is a selling point - e.g. if you have competitive pricing that makes you more attractive than your competitors. In such a case, I would place price info hight on the visual/information hierarchy.  

If you are dealing with a high/scrutiny product where you need to establish the value of the product/offer in order to “justify” the price, I would  place the price info lower on the visual/information hierarchy. 

But the question “How much is it?” is a fundamental question that simply needs to be answered before a potential customer can make a buying decision. It is just a question of when to answer it. 

Moreover in my experience, it can seem a bit dodgy when companies hide their pricing information; “Why won’t these people tell how much it is?” 

Hope that makes sense :)