What's your all-time favourite Marketing campaign?


I just love this conversation to hear what inspires marketers. I was (am) a huge fan of Mad Men and I loved watching the ideation that went on behind the scenes of coming up with timeless campaigns.

This is my personal favourite:

I love that they leveraged whichever celebrities or athletes were popular that year ensured that this would be a timeless ad.

I’d love to hear what the @Unbounce-Experts, @NickPetersen, @Rory_Johnston, @Meghan_Cooney, @Kristina_Waters, @Stela, @Tim_Besecker have to add here. :slight_smile:


Ooooh, I’ll bite.

My favourite is actually the Love Has No Labels campaign which won the first Emmy for a Public Service Announcement. So good.


How about the worst?

Ikea is always killing it. One of my favorites:


@Stefano worst is great! At my old agency we use to run a “Bad Marketing” post monthly that showcased really bad ads from any time period, industry, country.

@Jess I don’t know if it is my fave of all time but I really love “to ship my pants” :slight_smile:


Hahaha… such a great commercial, kind of surprised it came from K-Mart.


Could you argue that a bad marketing campaign can end up being more memorable than a good one? I’ll never forget Spence Diamonds because of how irritated I was every time I heard one of their ads on the radio. That might be too local for anyone to know what I’m talking about… I can’t even find an example of their ads on Youtube. But trust me, if you’re from Vancouver, you KNOW the Spence Diamonds ads!


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