Webhook with SalesForce - Blank Entries? Why?


Hello all,

We are currently using Salesforce as our lead CRM and we must integrate it with Unbounce so our sales team can immediately get the leads, track them and follow up asap. Unfortunately, our current plan does not allow API integration and with 25 users, it will be too costly for us to upgrade (note - accdg to SF we need to upgrade everyone and not just 1).

So we ended up doing a webhook integration instead. When we tested, the leads from unbounce was passed through saleforce successfully. Unfortunately, we are also receiving BLANK leads or entries inside salesforce but when you check inside unbounce, there are no blank submissions. We made all our fields required already but still getting blank entries inside salesforce.

Everyday we are getting about 5-7 blank submissions in saleforce and we are not sure why. Have you had the same issue using webhook with salesforce? Can you give some tips on how you integrated it?


Hello there!

I noticed the ticket that you submitted earlier today about this issue, but I’m happy to chime in here as well.

Admittedly, it’s a bit tricky when it comes to Webhooks, as we’re limited in exactly how far we can troubleshoot and help out due to the nature of how Webhooks work.

Essentially, we can double-check to make sure the leads are posting out of our servers correctly - but if there is an error with how the post is being handled outside of Unbounce, then there’s not too much we can do to look into this. As I’m sure you’re aware, you need to develop a handler that parses the data from our server into your system. In this case, it sounds like the handler that parses the data might be incorrectly set up, causing it to send incomplete (or incorrect) leads into Salesforce, which in turn is causing blank submissions. This would be something you need to look into on your end, as it falls outside of the Unbounce app itself, thus making it harder for us to troubleshoot.

With that being said, I might have another solution that achieves what you’re looking for. Please note though, this is a bit of an advanced solution - but it’s probably a bit easier than developing your own handler to parse lead data into Salesforce. Check out the proposed Salesforce solution here:

I know this is probably not the exact answer you were looking for. Nonetheless, I do hope it clarifies things. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns. We’re always happy to help!