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Hi everyone :wave: Jess here from Unbounce

You’re seeing this message because you’re subscribed to this community, which means you’re invested in the content that’s shared here.

I’m hoping to gather feedback from the people who make this community so powerful… You! If you have a moment, I’d love it if you could let me know what kind of content you’d like to see more of in this forum that can help you be a better marketer, there might even be some Unbounce swag in it for you. :sparkles:

  • Page Builder and Page Overview tips
  • Marketing strategy for beginners (tools, best practices, etc.)
  • Advanced marketing strategies (automation, reporting, API, etc.)
  • Landing page design tips
  • Updates from Unbounce teams (feature discussions, how we work, AMA’s, etc.)
  • Custom scripts and advanced workarounds
  • Community contests (things like: So, You Think You Can Convert?)
  • Content specific to verticals (real estate, healthcare, ecommerce, etc.)
  • Industry trends (apps, podcasts, blogs to read, etc.)

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If there’s something that’s not on this list that you’d like to see shared here in the forum, please feel free to comment in the thread below.

Hoping this finds you well. Happy page building!


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I’d love to see a preview of templates when adding variants. It is not possible to remember how a template looks like by looking at text.

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As a designer at an agency, I love getting extra scripts and flair that I can add to pages because it not only wows the clients but really makes our account managers excited. I use scripts like adding favicons, smooth scrolling, and fixed headers on almost every page I create. Adding these in with expandable sections and tabbed content has really made my pages look like they weren’t made in a drag and drop page builder.

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I’d love to see some technical discussion around the current framework of Unbounce, for example: working with Javascript within the platform there is so many “gotcha’s” and oddities around the data structure and inner workings. Having some clear and up to date information/discussion about this would be highly beneficial in terms of encouraging the technical side of the community in my opinion.

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I currently have to make a reporting using either the weight or the volume of visitors of each variant of all landing pages in a group.
Could you please help us setting this reporting functionnality up asap? It would help me not have to go through each landing page and write down manually each weight of each variant…
Thank you for your help!

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i need to know how to use valid country code

What if I retarget the landing page with a my link ?