Visit length information


Accurate time on site information: Due to my landing page being a single page with only a single link/action, analytics shows every visit as a bounce and shows every visitor as 0 seconds on the site. (The reason for this is well documented. I dont’ need explanation). Knowing how long a visitor actually remains on the site is very important in order to fully judge the performance of the page. Has anyone found a work around, or script that can be installed that will show how long each visitor actually stays on the page?


Hi Joe, 

We’ve already answered this in a support ticket, and we’re working on another response back to you now, but we wanted to include a response here as well in case any other customers are wondering the same thing. 

Currently there is no official workaround to track session duration for a single page in Google Analytics. As you are probably already aware, Google Analytics calculates session duration with time stamps and not real time tracking, so you absolutely need the second data hit. Most customers will look to use alternative tracking methods like Event tracking or tracking page exits. Additionally, even when Google Analytics is able to provide session duration information, customers are advised that these metrics are sometimes flawed and can skew analytics.

I would be curious to hear how others in the community are utilizing different tracking methods - what have you tried? What has worked succesfully? What would you recommend