Validating Phone Numbers?

Is there a way to validate if a phone number is real or coming from the US?

I have seen it done before on an old unbounce page and thought it was a simple setting, but I can’t find it. Or does it have to be custom coded?


Hi @Cameron_R,

There are a few levels of validations:

  1. Whether a phone number fits a particular pattern (Unbounce does this natively, just have to pick the country when you are setting up the phone field)

  2. Check if a phone number is “real” - While real can mean different things technically, this type of validation requires a 3rd party API and some custom coding. This API can return a response whether the phone is live/active, whether it’s a landline or a mobile phone, etc.

Based on the response from #2 above, you can stop the form from being submitted, throw up errors, etc.


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