UTMs Getting Stripped from outbound links on Unbounce page

Hello, I am new to the community. We have an Unbounce landing page that we currently use in search marketing. The main goal of the page is to get people to fill out a form. This form is connected to Pardot via a form handler, and it is working as expected.

There are buttons on the landing page that link to specific placed on the main website. When I place this as the button link “https://www. website .com/landingpagelink/” and I hover over the link in the published page, I can see that the link structure looks correct:
https://www. website .com/landingpagelink/clkn/https/www.website.com/landingpagelink/?utm_source=google&utm_campaign=CC-2021-SCH-SW&utm_medium=cpc&Latest_Campaign=7014V000000ORXEQA4

But when I click on the link, it goes to the page without the UTMs.
My settings are:

  • Button
  • Link is absolute with no UTMs
  • Checkbox clicked for “Pass through URL paameters”
  • Target “Same tab or window”

Notes: I am using the WordPress connector to my main site so my Unbounce page is being served from the same domain name (www. website .com) as the landing page.

Has anyone had a similar situation? What might you do to fix it?

Thank you so much!