Using dynamic text to populate a form


I want to have a form on one landing page and then when submitted, have a button (link) that launches a 2nd page to ask additional questions?

The 2nd page would have a more detailed form, but I would like the email address and name fields to auto-populate from the responses provided on the first form.

Another option to achieve the same goal would be to have a short form with 3-4 questions, then an option to Submit Now - or answer more questions - then have a Submit button after the additional questions are answered. But, I have no idea how to do that.


Hi Ed,

That would involve custom scripts on your page. Which can get complicated.

There is also a multi-step form that may solve what you want. But again, it is custom script and it takes special attention within the Unbounce builder.


Thanks - that’s a really nice form.