Use my own thankyou page


Hi! I want to use one of my thankyou pages instead of the unbounce form confirmation dialogue.

So when they fill in a form, they go to my URL instead of getting that confirmation form.

How can I do this?


From the editor click your form. Then, look in the “properties” tab in the right column. There will be an area called “form confirmation”: just choose “go to an outside webpage” and you’ll have it.


Hi Tim,

Sorry but the Properties tab doesn’t seem to be clickable, it is not a link when I hover over it

how do I do this? why can’t I click?


It’s clickable for me… have you directly clicked the form in question in the editor? Do you want to send a screenshot of the entire page so I can advise from there?


Hi Sandra, 

All you have to do is click on the form first, then click on the ’ form confirmation’ drop down menu on the right hand side and choose ‘**Go to another web page’.