Upgraded Account - Label on my footer


I just upgraded my account, and it still has the unbounce label on my footer. And also, when i go to my custom domain it only shows one of my page variants.


Hey Jordan,
If you upgrade from free, simply re-publish your page and the footer will go away. (you can unpublish/re-publish from your page’s overview screen).

As far as only one of your page variants showing, I’m not sure I fully understand the issue - can you provide a bit more information, or write us at support@unbounce.com so we can look into it with you?


Oh Carter, that makes sense. I will republish.

Go to my custom domain over and over and in different browsers and the page variant stays as my A page and my b never appears.



Ahh - that’s how the A/B testing is supposed to work. Once a visitor hits your page for the first time, they are given a ‘cookie’ which remembers which variant they saw. That way when they come back again, they will be given the same cookie. If you delete your cookies in your browser, you’ll be given a new cookie next time you refresh.

It is also possible to visit “merchantcashadvance.yellowstonecapllc.com/apply/a.html” or “merchantcashadvance.yellowstonecapllc.com/apply/b.html” explicitly if you’d like to see the individual variants. Hope that helps!


Thanks carter that helps a lot. Truly appreciate it. The only thing is everytime I go to the page on a new browser or isp its just my a.html variant.


What are your variant “weights” set to for the page? It will always be a random selection the first time you visit based on the weighting (so if “a” is weighted at 80% and “b” is 20% - that means roughly 4 out of 5 times a visitor will see “a”). Every new request is a random selection though, so it’s still possible to get “a” 10 times in a row…


I did 60-40 and the 40 always pops up.


Have you made sure to clear your cookies before each time you refresh? I just tried and successfully received your “a” variant (the 40% one).