Unveiling form fields with javascript


Hi, I have a form with email, first name, surname, zip code, vertically positioned.
I want to show just email field. Then, when the user starts typing his/her email, the other fields must appear. I could do it by modifying div containing height. 
I have trouble doing this with unbounce because content in page is absolute positioned, so it doesn’t move down when a div (in this case the one with form fields) increases its height.


Hi Francesco!
To answer your question, there isn’t really going to be an easy way to accomplish this due to the absolute positioned page elements. Not to say that it’s impossible, it’s just going to be very difficult and unfortunately we don’t have a workaround to share to achieve this. 

Do you mind letting us know where you got the inspiration for this from? I’d love to see another example of this being implemented, if you have one to share.