Unbounce to NationBuilder Integration


Unbounce integration with NationBuilder, similar to the MailChimp integration.


This would be a great value added integration.


Hi Simon, 
It looks like we haven’t received too many feature requests for this one. Would you mind letting me know what pain point an integration with NationBuilder would solve for you? I was going to recommend Zapier, but it looks like they don’t connect… Do you know if they offer any webhook functionality? 


Hi Simon, 

I took a look at NationBuilder since I haven’t heard of them before today. 

It looks like you can use the webhook functionality of Unbounce and push form data to NationBuilder’s API. 

It’s a matter of writing a script that would accept the Unbounce data, parse it and push it to Nation Builder’s API.
However, it seems like the API access is restricted only to the two highest paid plans (Enterprise & Network). 

If you are on one of those plans, you can reach out to me directly and I can give you an exact quote for writing the script. ( h [at] revise [dot] cc )

Recently, I did a similar script for Unbounce Webhook to GoToWebinar API and it works flawlessly. Even better, it’s hosted on Amazon’s AWS so it’s free to run.