Unbounce Reseller program!


I am a consultant that has referred several of my clients to unbounce and have often included the services as part of marketing packages. The problem has always been though that getting them started is a process that lives in vacuum and it would help out a lot if I and other consultants could streamline the process as a certified reseller.

The Unbounce Partner Program is here!

I’m Canadian and would like to recommend my clients go with a Canadian company for their landing pages, but competitiveness with other leading landing page services is important to my clients and myself as well.


Hi Mauricio! 

While this idea seems very interesting, we don’t have any plans to implement a reseller program anytime soon. However, I would be curious to hear a few examples of other companies that offer this type of reseller service, as well as what you think they do well and what you think they could improve on. 

P.S. Thanks for the suggestion, Mauricio!


That’s disappointing to hear. Certified Reseller programs are just an upscale version of affiliate marketing. All resellers undergo an approval process and can be stripped of their reseller status for any activities considered off-brand, so you’re able to maintain tighter control than a traditional affiliate program. However, the program operates on a pure CPA basis, just like more open affiliate programs.

These programs are really popular in the B2B space and often focus on the reseller adding value in the form of setup, support, consulting services, etc. Here are a few examples that you might find helpful:

Optimizely - https://www.optimizely.com/partners/s…

Google Apps - https://www.google.com/work/apps/busi…

Zoho (not much info online, just sign up and check out their reseller portal) - https://www.zoho.com/partners-reselle…

Reseller programs are very popular among PSPs (Payment Service Providers) as well.

You could really just use any affiliate program as a model and then layer on any constraints you’d like to enforce. For example, maybe you provide official brand images and messaging that all resellers must adhere to. You can also require that the reseller take on any component of customer service that is generally high cost or disruptive to your business’s workflows.


As a PPC marketing consultant I send people to Unbounce all the time–the people I send almost always start with a free account then upgrade to paid once they see it working. I’m all for some sort of reseller program.


Hi Justin, This is something my organization might possibly be interested in as well. We are a software company that sells our software via a VAR channel. As part of that we look to provide marketing resources / “Perks” that we can direct them to. Since we use Unbounce we’d love to see if we could work out a deal here for our partners (and onboarding tools) - We have about 1000 VARs worldwide.

Cheers, Simon


Hey folks!

So it looks like there’s been quite a bit of interest in a Reseller program for Unbounce. Historically, this isn’t something we’ve been super keen on exploring, but as Unbounce grows we’re continuously looking for avenues that allow us to bring our product to more people.

After chatting with my team, I’m happy to report that our team is now looking to explore a Reseller Program!

I’ve already gone through and tagged your accounts in our system for this. If something pans out and we end up launching something, you’ll be among the first to know. In the meantime, we would love to hear your feedback to help us get pointed in the right direction, so feel free to chime in with your thoughts below

¥ What type of structure would you like to see for this Reseller Program?
¥ What kind of incentives would interest you?


Thanks for your interest in a Reseller Program! Check out my comment below.


These are all really great points, Mauricio. I’m happy to say that after some consideration, we’re going to start looking into a reseller program. Check out my comment below for more details!


Canucks for the win! Glad to hear you’re interested in promoting other Canadian born companies, Jill! Check my comment below to see where we’re at with this idea. :slight_smile:


Great! There are many ways you could do this but here are my thoughts.

I 100% agree with Mauricio on the application process and having a tight control on the program from the start.

Also instead of just listing all the resellers like Optimizely does, actually break down what each one’s industry and service specialty is so it does not just look like a directory.

Incentive ideas: A monthly commission on each paying customer we bring to Unbounce would be great. Applying this commission as a credit to our own Unbounce accounts is another idea.

Being listed on the Unbounce site as a certified reseller/partner would bring us new customers by default, so that would be a great incentive for us.


All solid points so far! If you think of anything else, send it our way.


Glad to hear this! I’ve honestly been looking into other solutions for this very reason - Instapage, ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Instapage, PageWiz all have programs. It looks like the standard commission on referrals is 25-30%.


I know you have a 75% off for 3 months deal with Moz - I was personally imagining something like that being more widely available.


If we were given a coupon code or promo code we could give to potential clients, with a similar offer that Simon mentioned, that would be an easy way to track who we refer.

I just referred someone last week and they signed up using a promo code they found online, but they would have used mine if I had one to give them. :slight_smile:


Hi! I am currently organizing a rental service landing page, is not whether applied as a Reseller, but clarified that work with Unbounce. The service that I offer is to cover the need to create professional landing page for monthly or seasonal campaigns at low cost. sorry for my English … greetings from Chile


Did the Partner Program ever come to fruition?  Would be interested to learn more :slight_smile:


Not just yet, Joe. We’re still in the discovery phase, but we can let you know if/when we move forward with this. Do you have any feedback for how you’d imagine this working? 


I am more interested in the “Certified Partner” angle, but perhaps that is a completely different topic in itself than this thread’s intention?


The ‘Certified Partner’ angle is a bit different, but I’d love to chat more about this. Look out for an email shortly!