Unbounce Popups: New name, who dis?



Hey folks! Jess here from Unbounce HQ :wave:

Now that we’ve entered into a shiny new year, we’re ready to jump into 2018 with both feet!

Looking back on 2017, the team here at Unbounce asked ourselves; what went well? And what would we do differently? So, in the name of transparency, we’d like to share with you fine folks some of the things we’re super proud of, and some of the changes you’ll be seeing in the Unbounce app… Starting today!

In November 2016, Unbounce launched Convertables, and judging by…

Your Responses

@Rebecca.L :loudspeaker:
Great to see this!

@Charles_Tanner :loudspeaker:
“Great addition to Unbounce”

@gpontin :loudspeaker:
“Awesome new feature”

@Stefano :loudspeaker:
“Easy to use - in true Unbounce fashion.”

@Erika_Con1 :loudspeaker:
“Easy to produce and implement. So happy to have it!”

@Convert :loudspeaker:
“So pumped you guys rolled this out!”

… You all kinda loved 'em! And we’re super proud of that. :muscle: :spinbounce:

However, moving forward, we’re making a change to help simplify the terminology that we use when we talk about Convertables and overlays.

We’ve made the call to rename overlays to popups and eliminate the word ‘Convertable’. :open_mouth:

(pause for reaction)

Based on the data we’ve combed through, and many conversations we’ve had with you all throughout the year, this title change will help eliminate any confusion around what the heck a Convertable is!

But don’t worry, the only thing that we’re changing is the name. You’ll still be able to convert more of your website traffic with targeted popups and trigger relevant offers and promotions, on any page of your site (even on sites that weren’t built in Unbounce).

So as we dive into the new year, you can expect to hear more awesome updates about Unbounce landing pages, popups & sticky bars that will help you crush all your conversion goals in 2018 (and beyond)! :rocket:

Got a question or some feedback? Hit reply and let’s chat! :point_down:


Is there a good video for this novice to learn more about convertibles/ pop ups?


Hey Tony!

We’ve got some great documentation here that’ll show you how to create effective popups. It’s very similar to the way you build a landing page in Unbounce.

Check that link out and let me know if you’ve got any questions. I can loop in some folks who can help you out if your stuck with some more advanced technical questions as well :slight_smile:


Hi Jess,

Ohhh… so everytime that you folks at Unbounce talked about
convertables, you never really meant this???

(pause for reaction)

That changes everything then!

Naaa… I’m kidding. I think the name change is a good move, as I never
knew if a sticky bar was also a convertable…

Happy 2018 to you!

From a more-than-happy-customer :slight_smile:


Much better :slight_smile:


I guess sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade, and a popup a popup. :wink:

Happy New Year Jess! :partyparrot:


Good move! I never did like the misspelling of “convertible” :slight_smile:


(sent while on the go)


Great! :slight_smile:

Now please let Sticky Bars and Popups work together so a closed Popup can show up as a sticky bar. And a sticky bar that is clicked can be expanded to a Popup.

Best Regards


Hi Jess,
The simplicity of making a popup is fantastic!
Maybe we can add something to your backlog.

  1. Reset stats similar to landing pages
  2. Publish with date time. It would be great campaigns and popups to kick in automatically.
    Happy New Year to all of you.


Hi @lestergalanis,

I’m happy to say that both of those requests were just delivered on yesterday. Reset stats is available as part of A/B testing for popups and sticky bars and if you have a premium subscription you now have the ability to schedule when your asset will show. More info here

Feel free to reach out if you’ve got any questions.



:joy: I think everyone at Unbounce had to click Add To Dictionary very quickly on our computers!

You couldn’t be more right! Happy new year to you too, Zoe!

I’m glad you think so! I feel like this definitely opens up the conversation a lot more to discuss how to use popups, rather than introducing a brand new term and then discussing how to use it.

Keep us posted here how you’re all getting on with pop-ups, we love to hear all the use cases!


That’s a great idea. I love the idea of one morphing into the other and vice versa.
While it won’t be functionally just like that, I will be exploring something similar later in the month.