Unbounce missed leads



I used unbounce for about half a year. But today i notice 1 strange thing. Unbounce didnt catch the lead! The thing is i was looking the webvisor (russian analytics system Yandex.Metrika allows to look video of how visitors visit your webpages) and found out, that one lead was missing.
The page is - https://app.unbounce.com/735522/pages…
The lead was converted on 7 am (moscow time).

The awful thing is that i might lost many leads. Today i checked and found 1 missing lead. But if i would do that again and look past days? Is there any need to double check your lead system?

Waiting for your response. I can give a proof of what i have seen


Same here!

A prospect reported yesterday to have submitted her info on our contact form on 06/11/14. However, that submission does not appear on our landing page records. No notification was fired either.

Here’s the page: http://mkt.viasto.com/demo-praesentat…

The page has been tested several times and it seems to be fully operational.

I would really appreciate if you guys could look into this issue.

Thank you!



Hi Nikita and Oscar - thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve replied to each of you separately via email support tickets. It doesn’t look like the two issues you’re seeing are related (other than the fact that they both involve leads), so I’ll dig into each separately.


In one of our pages we’re seeing a miss of 2-5 leads a day since June in Unbounce. We can’t pin point if it’s a specific time of day or regional IP address. Is there a reason why Unboucne would not pull ALL leads since the form is Unboucne using a Pardot handler?


Hmm, how are you tracking this? Are the leads showing up in the Unbounce lead page, but just not triggering your integration notification or something else?


We are seeing the leads in Pardot and in ConversionRuler, but not all of the leads are showing up in the Unbounce page.


Hi there. Responding to this thread as we are trying to find the same solution and have the same problem. We are missing many (about 20 a day) leads. Almost 1 in 3, in our Pardot MAP. We placed a form handler in the Unbounce page. We have other Unbounce pages working find with form handlers, but this one page in particular is not reading properly. We have troubleshooted this on our own and unable to come up with a solution. We need to keep the page live, as traffic was directed to the page, before we realized there was a problem. If there is a solution or fix, please let me know. I also submitted a ticket for help.


Hi Ashelley,

I ended up submitting a ticket as well for this issue. What was discovered: the leads did not filled out the form on the Unbounce page, but did click on a link within the page. This is why we may not see them as a lead in Unbounce for this page but will see them based on them taking a page action (clicking on the link) in ConversionRuler and then again in Pardot because they filled out a form elsewhere in the site.

It was pretty difficult to nail down since they were unable to consistently recreate the issue. It was also mentioned “there is still a possibility that there are either bugs, plugins, or custom javascript on that page that are preventing visitors from successful form submissions. But looking at the fact that these missing leads all have a commonality – clicked on signup and pricing link, I think it’s much more likely that a script in Jennifer’s Pardot setup that tracks these links as leads when she didn’t set it up this way in Unbounce.”

I hope this helps a little!


Thank you for responding! I have not heard from Unbounce yet on the support ticket. We see leads populate in Unbounce (where it says ‘View Leads’) in the landing page. Thankfully, we are able to see those leads and compared those leads to Pardot and SalesForce. There were only about 2/3 of leads documented in Pardot and Salesforce. Which means 1/3 were sitting in Unbounce undocumented. This is for a webinar registration.

I can see where it would be difficult to track. There is not a common denominator or reason. We were A/B testing the page, and there was not a difference in each of the pages either. Meaning, there were the same number of missing leads per variant. However, the Pardot script is simply a connector and we use form handlers.


We seem to be losing leads as well. We are using mouseflow in parallel w/ unbounce on a low traffic landing and there is a screen recording of a user submitting an Unbounce form and receiving a confirmation dialogue from Unbounce that it was successfully submitted. However, there is no record of this in Unbounce (no leads registered for that day actually). I am starting to wonder how many leads we actually losing. Didn’t know it was a thing, very worrisome.