Unbounce landing page variant passed to second page and captured with form submission


Hi, here is what I have and am trying to do.

Page 1: Unbounce Click Through Landing Page

  • Variant A
  • Variant B

Page 2: Unbounce Sign Up Page with form submission

  • Variant A

On Page 2 the user submits their name and email address. I’d like to collect which Variant from the Click Through Page 1 the user saw.

So, when I look at my leads from page two I will see something like the following:
Jim, jim@example.com, Variant A
Steve, steve@example.com, Variant A
Rob, rob@example.com, Variant B

And so on. 

Is this possible?

Thank you.


HI jstart. You should be able to set this up fairly easy by adding query strings to the button or link on your Click Through Landing Pages to the Sign Up Page, something like ?variant=a.

For this example let’s say your signup page is on http://example.com/step2

  1. Add a query string to the link from variant A: http://example.com/step2?variant=a
  2. Add a query string to the link from variant B: http://example.com/step2?variant=b
  3. Create a hidden field on your signup page named "variant"
    The value from the query string will then pass to your signup page :slight_smile: