Unable to delete one text box in form


If I need to delete one single textbox from form. There is no delete option, I need to create the whole form again that’s really frustrating. Along with that I am also facing following issues :-

After making some changes if I click save. It doesn’t work it says network connectivity issue. But, again if I click 4 to 5 times it start saving.

I cannot add another text field beside first text file in horizontal order. It only allows to arrange the text field one after another in vertical order.

This was not expected form Unbounce, one of the famous and renowned Landing page provider.

Finally, I am not happy with your service.


Hi Venkatesh - very sorry to hear that you’re running into issues.

You are able to delete any textbox or any other field one at a time. From the Form Editor, if you click on the field you’d like to delete you’ll see a red button that deletes that field for you:

As for the network connectivity issue, it sounds like your browser or computer was losing it’s connection intermittently. Do you have the same issue whenever you login and have you logged in from a different location and experienced the same issue, by chance?

Forms will be horizontal by default. We do have a script that you can use if you’d like to split your form in to two columns though. You can find that script here. And we have more on adding custom Javascript to your page here. You’ll want to add this particular script “before the end body tag”.

I hope this gets you pointed in the right direction, Venkatesh. If you do need anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here or directly via support@unbounce.com