UK Phone number validation


It would be great to have phone numbers validate for regions outside North America, losing leads due to people putting their second name in the phone number field isn’t fun!

Maybe even just verifying there are numbers in there? :stuck_out_tongue:


UK Unbounce user here.

We haven’t had any problems with second names being put in the phone number field, but I did previously post an idea that number validation (north america) is unticked by default, or able to be disabled by default in settings.

But UK number validation could be a great idea. I think just making sure it’s a number would be sufficient, but also allowing for + for international codes. e.g. +44


Phone number and email verification would be a very nice feature to include, and I for one would like to see it included.

I use unbouce to capture leads from clients all over the world so just one or two geo targeted verifications would be o.k, however to be able to verfify numbers world wide would be awesome.

Fingers crossed more verification starts to be a standard feature :slight_smile:


This is my biggest issue with the system right now.

Lack of proper validation is preventing me from using the system for some of my larger volume lead gen campaigns.


Thank you for the feedback! This is a great idea and we can certainly see the value it would add.

As you can imagine, we have quite a long list of features to build that we re-prioritize regularly. More advanced validations are on that list; we’ll update this thread when we can provide you with a more accurate time estimate.


Hey guys, we have added support for UK, Australian and Generic phone number validations in addition to North American like we’ve always had. You can see my detail response over here…